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The Law of the Triangle

This has been a difficult article for me to write, at one point I visualized a triangle and felt or saw pain behind the shape. This confused me, how could a shape have pain for me? Then I realized that a shape is a symbol of energy in time and space, like an address or blueprint. A triangle is a symbol of the relationship of interaction. In me there is a fear in the perceived randomness and uncertainty of cause and effect beyond what I alone control.

The secret of the triangle is about relationship. The attraction and then repulsion of two creates an expansion that brings forth the creation from the unknown of another that previously had no existences. This is truly the point where creation occurs. It is the moment and the configuration of creation, as we can know it.

In three points connected lies access to another dimension, to stability, which allows expression and self-realization not before possible. One is forever isolated and alone, not able to define or know itself. Two rescues One, self-recognition becomes possible but is controlled by the limits of the other.

Have you noticed how after longing for a relationship, the joy and aliveness first experienced soon turns to a feeling of boredom and limitation? In itching for expansion, you start “improving” the person, an attempt to expand. This, of course, is observable in the course of nature, in the resolution of creating a child.

What happens when the two becomes three? Isn’t this a reality check? Through the new eyes of “Three", through the rebirth of possibility of relationships, the two can once again be freed to grow and change. In nature, the two also become obsolete and the three becomes the one of the beginning of a new two, and then three. And so we proceed through time and space and are able to evolve and change.

What happens to us when we become part of three? No longer alone but unproven. No longer only either the right or the wrong, the dominant or submissive, right or wrong, of the two. Now the confusion but possibility of choosing among additional options and the necessity of surrendering to a “group” and the momentum and power possible in a group is ours and we become mush more rather then less.

The progression from two to three is the first time a geometric jump occurs in creation. It is this quality that enables us to harness the mechanics of creation. One has no possibility, two has just one but three has not two, but three.

And so this is the geometry of creation and growth. This is the mathematical formula of how the impulse of “to live” travels into and through the physical medium.

The pattern of our manifestation remains consistent through all levels of our expression.

Triangles are especially observable in the crystallization process and in crystals we can most directly observe and respond to this underlying path that physicalization uses. The curved line of the circle proceeds from the underpinning of the triangle and so organic life proceeds from mineral and would not be possible without the triangle and what it represents in structure, psychology and spiritual relationship.

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