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Meet the Teachers of
The Reno Psychic Institute


Laura Peppard

Founder of the Institute

Meet Laura, the Founder and Director of the Reno Psychic Institute and a founding member of the Church of Inner Light. Laura's vast experience and dedication to our institute are truly remarkable. She teaches Women and Money, the Trancemedium Program, and occasionally steps in for various other classes.



Teacher of Healing I

Meet Gordon, our esteemed Healing I teacher and a valued member of the RPI community. Gordon's profound psychic and clairvoyant abilities make him an exceptional healer. Despite his gentle and reserved nature, his contributions are immeasurable. He has completed all of RPI's courses and the minister program offered by the Church of Inner Light.

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Zoom & Carson City Teacher

Christina is a professionally trained clairvoyant healer and reader who doesn’t beat around the bush.

Originally from Australia, Christina teaches EnergyWork, Women’s Energy, Healing and Clairvoyant classes on Zoom and at our Carson City location.

Christina is also one of our pet readers who loves communicating with animals and providing your fur babies with gentle yet profound healings.

Christina offers her services both in person and via Zoom.



Teacher & Healer in Carson City

Minister, teacher, healer in Carson City & founding member of Church Of Inner Light.



Teacher of EnergyWork & Healing I

Starting as a student in 2019, Adam is now one of our teachers and healers. He specializes in dealing with uninvited energies, clearing communication lines, and uncovering and releasing pictures & blockages from past lives. He teaches EnergyWork Class & Healing I.   



Women's Energy. Clairvoyant Program & Crystal Classes

Meet Melissa, a cherished member of our RPI community since 2008. Melissa is an inspiring and sensitive teacher who brings her wisdom and warmth to our students. She teaches Women's Energy, the Clairvoyant Program, and offers Crystal Healings. Melissa finds joy in meditation and is passionate about healing others.



Zoom Teacher

Clairvoyant, Psychic and Healer, Jeff is one of our certified Clairvoyant Program Teachers. He is currently teaching advanced Clairvoyant on Zoom. 


Trancemedium Clinics and Program Assistant 

Psychic, and teacher, Chris assists with the RPI Tarncemedium Training Program & Clinics.  Psychic work is one of the great joys of his life and he loves to help others discover that same gift in themselves.



 Spanish Teacher

Margaret graduated in 2008. She has experience in aura healings with a specialty in female emotions and physical ailments. With her love for humanity, she helps students awaken and become aware of their spiritual abilities. She co-teaches several classes at RPI and helps with clairvoyant, meditation and healing classes in Spanish.



Spanish Healing I 

Meet Juan. With a background that began in our EnergyWork class, Juan has journeyed through various spiritual courses, becoming a skilled healer and teacher. His warm and kind-hearted nature shines through in his teaching style. As a native Spanish speaker, Juan will be leading our Spanish classes and serving as the main instructor for Healing I.



EnergyWork Teacher

Meet Leta-Kaye, our nurturing and dedicated teacher for our Meditation classes Spanish and English. She brings a warm and welcoming presence to her teachings, creating a beautiful  environment for all. Leta-Kaye is not only a gifted clairvoyant but also a powerful healer, having received her training at the Reno Psychic Institute. Her journey with us began in 2020, and since then, she has immersed herself in our courses, completing all of them with dedication and passion. 


Iris Peppard

Reader in Carson City

Jehle-Peppard does clairvoyant readings that focus on bringing clarity to one’s present- day experiences for individuals to take their next unique evolutionary step in life  Daughter of Laura Peppard, Jehle-Peppard grew up

around psychic information starting at a very young age. As an adult, through RPI, she learned how to harness her clairvoyant abilities to activate her own healing to move through and beyond present-life traumatic experiences and unearth, look at, and learn from past-life experiences. .

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