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Meet the professional rpi graduate Readers


Laura Peppard

Psychic Reader

Navigate your life with spiritual awareness and use your own spiritual information and abilities.

Sessions include Clairvoyant reading, healing, and teaching.



Psychic Reader

Adina is a psychic, and a skilled reader and healer.  She specializes in relationship readings and healings. She helps her clients release old energies from previous relationships, which allows them to move forward. She is a graduate of RPI's top programs.  

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Zoom Reader

Christina is a professionally trained clairvoyant healer and reader who doesn’t beat around the bush.

Originally from Australia, Christina teaches EnergyWork, Women’s Energy, Healing and Clairvoyant classes on Zoom and at our Carson City location.

Christina is also one of our pet readers who loves communicating with animals and providing your fur babies with gentle yet profound healings.

Christina offers her services both in person and via Zoom.



Psychic Reader

Certified Psychic, clairvoyant and healer, Brandon specializes in trauma, addictions & past lives. A reading with Brandon will help you to navigate your spiritual path and bring you into present time by clearing past pain. 



Carson City Reader

Jehle-Peppard does clairvoyant readings that focus on bringing clarity to one’s present- day experiences for individuals to take their next unique evolutionary step in life  Daughter of Laura Peppard, Jehle-Peppard grew up

around psychic information starting at a very young age. As an adult, through RPI, she learned how to harness her clairvoyant abilities to activate her own healing to move through and beyond present-life traumatic experiences and unearth, look at, and learn from past-life experiences. .



Pet Communicator

Bobbie is a clairvoyant with a certificate from the Reno Psychic Institute and over 30 years of experience in doing readings and communicating with pets. She helps pets share information and concerns and helps them communicate with their owners. Bobbie's work makes it easier for owners to understand their pets' needs and issues.

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