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The Energy and Consciousness of the Sun

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

The Energy and Consciousness of the Sun, Ra Ra Ra!

The source of energy for the Beings known as human is the sun. In the sun resides the higher consciousness that guides and powers this genre of life. Without the sun we would have no energy and no being. It is our birth and ultimately controls the end of this story of consciousness.

The scientific query of: does life exist beyond our planet? is one that has some humor to it. Even scientists know we have the ability to perceive only a small portion of the spectrum of energy known to exist. Somewhat obviously there is “life” in other portions of that spectrum. The question is not, is there other life? The question is more about humans’ perceptive limitations. Life, which we tend to define as a breathing body, is really consciousness. When one explores the inner worlds through meditation one thing that begins to be obvious is that consciousness is everywhere in every shape, size and form, from all different places, all with different agendas, abilities and perceptions.

The physical thought that the sun is too hot for life tends to keep one from exploring the consciousness of the sun. One four year old remarked to her mother that her great grandmother now lived on the sun. What is the consciousness of the sun and the consciousness on the sun?

I experienced a clue to the answer of this. I was at an afternoon party given at a solar powered farm at the top of a mountain in Carmel Valley. It was a beautiful spot, truly “graced by God”. As the afternoon sun powered the solar panels and that energy was transferred to the machines used by the “humans” an immense sense of beauty and wellness seemed to lift the very physicalness of the spot to a higher dimension. The sense of effort that seems to be inevitable when humankind creates on the physical level almost vanished into a oneness with the source. It then occurred to me of the contrast of the immense effort and cost of powering of machines with the burning of fossil fuels from the bowels of the earth. A very different vibration, a very different result for the planet and us.

The sun is the source of the gold energy that fuels the nucleus of our cells. It is the transformer that allows the will of the cosmos to be understandable to our life form.

The inner mystery of the sun has been much a subject for ancient cultures. Their information has now been lost as outer knowledge and must be regained accessing our inner knowledge. Just as the sun is the unique source of energy for our planet, it is also a symbol of you and the source of your unique energy.

Energy Exercise

Sit quietly and allow your body to relax. Release other’s demands and needs from your space. Bring your attention above your head. Notice the energy of a golden bright sun. Let your body enjoy how it feels having that energy shine down on it. You can bring your attention into the inside of that sun, it is the source of your own unique essence energy. When you are inside your sun soak up and experience that vibration so you remember it when your attention is back inside your body. Then you will know what is you.

Sound Exercise

The Sanskrit word for the sun energy is Ra, the word for the complementary energy is Ma. As you reach a meditative state, intone or sound Ra, continue to do this and put your attention and direct the sound to the center of your head. Notice how this makes you feel. You can then intone Ma a number of times. Notice how this makes you feel. You will have created each of these vibrations within your vision center. You can also intone RaMa to balance the vibrations. Use Ra when you want to access creative assertive vision. Use Ma when you want to experience the receptive principle. Ra will heat you and energise you. Ma will cool and quiet you. RaMa will balance the two.

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