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You are Your Ability to Dream

Vision. Nothing is created without vision. Vision may be becoming a lost art. Whose vision is creating your reality? It seems as if we get validated for following rules, not rocking the boat, playing our part, being a good team player, being part of the accepted picture of what we have been told is the “right, good, patriotic, nice, smart, financially sound, God-approved, healthy, socially acceptable, get a job” thing to do.

When is the last time you got validated for thinking for yourself, having a different opinion or insight, doing something unique, taking a chance, or following your Dream? Of course, I may be being a little dramatic, but this is what I observe happening around me.

As a teacher of psychic skills, I have undoubtedly recognized that many people have forgotten how to Dream. They simply have not come across Dreaming as a job or life skill. Actually, no one seems to even talk to anyone about creating and following your Dream. Dreaming is the energy flow of “pictures” or mental images that fuel your physical reality. It is the communication from you as Spirit to you as body.

It is your directive to yourself as to your Soul's purpose. It is the motivation for action to create the reality you envision. Spirit is a funny thing, you can’t see it, touch it, taste it, spend it. If you pretend it doesn’t exist, it might not. If it doesn’t, who will you be when you are no longer your body?

Spirit is something you cannot be without because then you are nothing. You are more than your desire to eat, your ambitions for bigger and better things, and your fear of pain. If you as Spirit don’t direct your life, what will?

Your body has legitimate programming to preserve itself so you can create as Spirit through it. On its own though, your body has no perspective, no wisdom, it is an out-of-control wanting machine. Enough out-of-control wanting machines just might succeed in devouring everything in sight including the planet. When you Dream, you see what your larger purpose is about. You set a vision to strive to rise above the needs of the physical you. You become more than yourself and enough of that kind of striving makes the human race Human and live a thing of beauty, Heaven on Earth. If you don’t create the pictures to fuel your journey, someone else will.

Who are you allowing to do that for you right now?

Spend some time reclaiming your Dream space. It is a legitimate way to spend your time. Even if you fear failing at achieving your dreams if you’ve allowed yourself to Dream you’ve already succeeded.

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