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Permission to See

We come into our bodies as a child with no present time programming on what or how to do and Be. Only our own information. This information needs to be brought into present time to be able to survive and grow as spirit in that body. Those around the child are very willing to share their information, i.e. it in the child’s space. This happens verbally, emotionally and psychically from Mom and Dad, siblings, teachers, peers and strangers. Mental image pictures and emotional energy about what life is and who you are that is not yours takes up your space. It is baggage that you must use your energy to carry around, to remember. It occupies space that you can use for experiencing yourself. In a healthy aura the energy is flowing and moving, this allows you to discard what you have outgrown and have no use for and to bring in what is your truth in present time. This is a continual process that allows you to grow and change. This experience is usually what we call happiness. Foreign energy and information stops movement and flow in your aura. It is stuck or frozen energy that you must use effort to work around. Becoming aware of what is not you is the first step. Deciding to embrace the leap to becoming you is the next. Can you live without your mother’s pain or father’s judgments or teachers prejudices or friends approval? Then learn energy tools to release foreign energy and recognize yourself. Then become yourself! It is the experience of a lifetime.

Make an appointment for your Aura Reading! Visit our Calendar to sign up. We offer readings several days throughout the week.

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