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Are You Feeling Blue?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Color is frequency of light. It is a creative expression of the Supreme Being. It is a fun gift for us Souls in bodies. The human eye can perceive over nine billion shades, tones and hues of color. To one’s spiritual eye color is an endless sea of expression, there are colors that you don’t see in the physical and color has texture, depth, opaqueness and quality.

You are color. Seeing auras is about information translated into the language of color. In an aura where your energy is not, it is seen as black, where there is unrealized potential it is white. The actual individual tone, shade and hue of the color contains the information as to what that vibration is and who the person is, what they are like right then.

Notice how this spiritual heritage is part of our language. Phrases such as feeling blue, green with envy, red hot, red with anger, horse of a different color, good as gold, a silver streak, white wash, or an off color remark all have a psychic meaning or convey a “picture”, a mental image beyond the words themselves.

Color exists as a spectrum, one end the opposite of the other. The physical color spectrum has red on one end and blue on the other. Red hot and cool blue. For red the molecules are slower and disbursed for blue tighter and faster. Yet red is heat, anger, vitality, pain and blue is calming, cooling, gives one space. Purples and lavenders are vibrations that speak of more spiritual feelings; they are the union of reds and blues.

If you contemplate a flame, it seems red and orange and yellow, yet upon meditation there appears a blue inner flame. When you reach a space of seeing the blue of the flame there is a point of transference of consciousness from outer heat to an inner space of electrical cool heat. One then has the freedom and possibility of transcending physical space and entering the realm of spiritual space to create in.

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