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Two Kinds of Reading

"Going to school is one thing, getting educated is another, although they coincide at times. Learning from a teacher is preparation. Learning from life in the world is observation. Learning from oneself is intuition."   Paul Brunton

I enjoy two kinds of reading, one is reading books, the other is reading people.  They are different experiences but sometimes they coincide.  For example when I am reading a novel or a poem there are occasionally moments of illumination where I become aware of myself in a new way.  It feels both validating and liberating and it is that transformative experience which eventually led me to reading people. People read "spiritual" books to better understand the spiritual world and their own spiritual nature.  I remember two books I read as a teenager which had a big impact on me.  One was a book about Edgar Cayce, There Is A River by Thomas Sugrue, the other was written by Krishnamurti, the title of which I can't remember.  In retrospect I can see how both books contributed to my becoming a clairvoyant reader.  The validation I got from them emboldened me to go with the current which I was starting to sense was pulling me along in my life. There are two ways of learning about spirituality, one is to study the writings of others and absorb their information, call that the way of the scholar.  The other is to experience spiritual awareness directly through some form of spiritual practice like meditation, call that the way of the mystic.  One of the differences between these two approaches is the degree to which they affect you personally.  The difference is between being "informed" and being "in-formed".  The truth that you experience through meditation, or reading clairvoyantly is profoundly transformative. There are a lot of great teachers out there and a multitude of fascinating books about metaphysics and spirituality, but to an intuitive they cannot compare to what he or she is learning by reading other people.  If you want to learn about spirituality your greatest teacher is within you, it is your clairvoyance.

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