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Everyone should have a tree as a friend. As a child my friend was the camel tree, it had a curve where you could nestle into. A friend is writing a book where a tree gives consul to a teen and my grandson has the perfect climbing tree in his yard that he is conquering. Trees have infinite wisdom and are silent witnesses to the passage of events. The roots reach deep into the earth drawing minerals essential to life and branches stretch to the sunlight infusing with the alchemy of light. Trees are quite willing to share their timeless knowledge with you if you’re willing to listen.

Learn to ground, connect to the roots of life and draw sustenance from the minerals that make us what we are. Honor and seek out that diversity and community among the elements of your life. You are shaped by the forces around you, be a silent witness to the passing of time and experience by your presence. Reach to the sun and open to the light which is true life. Allow the alchemy of heaven and earth to flow, creative forces expressing the will of the Divine through you.

Meditation Tips

To meditate is to collect your attention and bring it to yourself and then choose where to focus it. Bringing yourself out of the entanglements of the outer world is a process or journey. First there is resistance as the energies of the world hesitate to release their hold on you. You may be having thoughts or energy charged mental image pictures of people and events going through your head. Bring your attention to the center of your head and make a separation, just notice these images are something in your space, not you. Then as you preserve there is a pleasant absorption in the experience of present time. Continue onwards and the doors begin to open to your answers and your amazement. Remember to bring your answers back with you!

Pick a tree and get to know it. Feel the energy of its groundedness, learn about grounding. You ground also, a line of energy from the base of your spine to the center of the planet.

Come in for our EnergyWork (tm) Class and deepen your roots.

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