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The Power of a Symbol

A Symbol is a key that unlocks the inner true reality of an outer form. From where we stand, isolated and stranded in the outer world of illusion, a symbol is a key that unlocks the door to the path home.

The inner world is so full of meaning, significance, correspondences that it is beyond the ability of the mind, the intellect, to grasp. Rather it takes another part of ourselves to participate in that reality. It is a place that cannot be understood but must be experienced.

A symbol engages the vision. It is form. Ancient language started as pictographs. Not just a primitive picture, but an arrangement of significance in which the sum is larger then the total of the individual pieces. A symbol engages both halves of the brain, it is art and logic. When you see the symbol for, as example, Gemini, it conjures all the subjective experience of the Geminis that you have known. The symbol itself helps you grasp the underlying construct of that facet of people beyond a logical delineation.

In alchemy symbols are very important. The symbol for mercury or sulfur or salt conveys not just the physical substance but the inner nature and relationship possibilities of the elements being used. It allows the creative imagination of the alchemist to manipulate and create. The symbols also allow the alchemist to dream like an artist and formulate like a mathematician.

Symbols are everywhere. Nature abounds with them. Actually every physical thing is a symbol of its inner reality. A tree is a symbol of a whole reality that we can only glimpse with our intellectual mind. The inner nature of a tree has been expressed through poetry. It is used as a symbol in metaphysics in the Kabbalah through the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. A rose is a symbol of its’ exalted place in nature as found by its’ many references in art and literature. It ‘s ability to continually transform color and scent through its genetics to express endless possibilities of perception. Have you ever noticed that a rose’s color and fragrance match? A pink rose smells like gentle love, a white rose like purity, a yellow rose smells like understanding, a lavender rose smells mystical.

Our two physical eyes perceive the outer form of physical reality. Our third eye perceives light of a higher frequency. These vibrations constitute “inner sight”. Along with the vision, the color or mental image that the psychic “sees” is also the significance or inner meaning of that sight.

Symbols are keys to the doorways of the forever you. Symbols are ancient communication of the natural wisdom developed through millennia of experience passed down through our genetic code.

Explore the symbols around you. Create symbols for yourself and your own world. A symbol is an agreement between the people that use it and the world they affect. They can be used to empower, they can be used to control and program. What effect does the symbol of the Cross or the Star of David or the Swastika have on you? How about the Ankh, Yin-yang or the Om sign? We have all been the effect of these symbols in our past lives and perhaps our present one. You can notice if energy comes up for you as you see these symbols. If you remember to be aware of how you feel and find it is not neutral, just this awareness will start to release this energy charge on the symbol.


Bring all of your attention and energy to the center spot of your head. Be aware of the space around you and your energy within this space. Let all the thoughts of the day and any other nagging thoughts that are trying to pull your attention away from the center of your head be released out of your space. As you release these thoughts feel your space getting clear. Feel the energy in your space and know that it is your energy and no other and feel the vitality of that energy. Visualize the symbol that you do not feel neutral to, as you stay in the center of your head, allow the images and pictures and emotions that it triggers to flow out of your space. When they clear bring your attention to your own information in the form of pictures or knowingness as you realize what it means to you.

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