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Your most precious possession and all you really have is your space.

Your space is the place you’ve been given to become you. Each soul is unique – a special part of God, original unto itself, just as each thumbprint and face is different than any before or after it.

Being true to yourself, knowing yourself, having your space, following your path, is finding God.

The Universal Intelligence did not intend for you to try to be someone other or “better” or “more perfect” than who you really are.

Your answers, power and beauty are within your self; they are found by being more of yourself and less of the programming and energy of others.

To understand the phrase “your space”, look at the picture, the mental image, which conveys the truth of the concept beyond where your intellect can take you.

Your space is your body, the energy around your body, your ability to be present in the reality you choose to be in. It is the perspective from the center of your head – where you have the ability to be neutral, to observe your truth.

Yet your space is much more. It is your ability to not be other’ concept of reality, their needs and expectations. You don’t have your space when your life is spent living to fulfill the expectations of parents, society, government or religion.

When you have your space you can tell the truth from a lie. You know what is of value and what is hype or fluff or seduction.

When you have your space, you have the key to actual happiness. When you’ve lost your space to others’ truth, you will never find happiness.

The game of finding your space exists when you have a physical body and also when you don’t have a physical body. If you define yourself by your identity and possessions – titles and roles and accomplishments – when you have a body, you will lose your space when you no longer have the body to which they are attached. Knowing yourself is when you know that you are the spirit, the energy, that creates those things, not the things themselves. As a spirit, growth and change is a result of experience. If your body resists change to cling to accomplishments, you have lost your space. You become your accomplishments and experiences, you don’t have them. They have no value in and of themselves; only the growth from the experiences is of real value. Nobody else can give you your space. It is something you must take.

Beings (consciousnesses), with and without bodies, that don’t have their space have no place to exist if their not in someone else’s space. They define themselves (exist) by your agreement with them to be influenced or controlled by them.

Cosmic decree rules that you are “senior” in (have control of), your space unless you agree to give it away (free will).

Why do we give our space, this ultimately most valuable possession, away? Love, fear of isolation and avoidance of pain are the essence of the dynamics or dramas we find ourselves in where we give up our space.

Although we are all one in a larger sense, we are not each other. When we have a relationship called “love” with another, we experience a temporary, limited, piece of that place of the experience of connecting to our Source. In order to regulate and control that experience, we attach contracts and agreements to those with whom we have experienced that energy, usually destroying what we are trying to preserve. When these agreements are made consciously by both or all involved, they form a space or structure to grow and learn in a body more about relationship. When they are unconscious, derive from programming or manipulative,e they destroy one’s space. Examples are; a mother always gives, a man always handles his pain, you’re not a women if you don’t please a man.

A Being, in or not in, a physical body will sometimes agree to almost anything to avoid isolation. When you validate yourself and your ability to create you lose this need that destroys your space.

Pain is someone else’s energy in your space. When you have pain in your space, you are controlled because you don’t go to that part of your space in order to avoid the pain.

The way to create your space and hold it is to stay conscious. Being conscious is a choice each Being makes every minute. Consciousness is life. When you loose consciousness, there is someone else in your space. Loosing consciousness is forgetting who you are and becoming some other energy. Staying conscious at first is about noticing when you become conscious. Then it is about noticing when you become unconscious. Then it is about joy and creativity and your experience when you are able to notice in present time that you are conscious and the things and energy that used to make you lose that state don’t anymore.

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