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Meditate, Spend Some Quality Time...

Spend some quality time with yourself, meditate! You are body and Spirit. YOU are BOTH. These aspects of you are opposite ends of a dichotomy. Are you able to move between those two parts of you? Be a body then be Spirit then be your body again and then Spirit?

A body enjoys (or enjoys not enjoying) creating in work and play, eating, maybe having sex, having fun, all the things a body does. It is a great thing, having or receiving on a physical level, sharing in all the abundance this planet offers. However that is only part of you.

When you meditate you give to yourself as Spirit. From our creativity as a Spirit w e create on the physical. First we have a sense of knowing what we desire to be and the experiences that will bring us to that space. Then we create the vision, the picture, the next step is to interact with the world, sculpt our vision from the stuff of the physical.

What can happen at this point is that we become our physical experience. We forget that we are actually the creator and all this is one project in our journey as a Soul. Like being stuck in glue. As Spirit we can’t move and stop growing in that body. As a body we are out on a limb, out of communication with the source of yourself.

When you meditate, you spend quality time with yourself. In any relationship what happens when you stop and listen? You get to know what is happening in present time with each other and you reconnect. Same with the relationship of you. You as body gets updated on where you as Spirit is now. The you of this world gets included. As Spirit you have a partner who is willing and able to work with you to create your goals and your dreams. You become a person whose Spirit is in your eyes.

I invite you to get in present time with yourself. The Meditation Tools Class at the Reno Psychic Institute is a six week journey into experiencing yourself. Find a new friend or reconnect with an old one, YOURSELF! The tools you learn to remember you will use the rest of your life and beyond!

Visit our Calendar to sign up for an upcoming class or program! We are now offering Zoom classes!

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