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Making it Real

There is a new game on the planet, it’s called “making it real”. This means to take our perceptions, our dreams and vision and bring it through our bodies, our minds and figure out how to manifest it here on the physical. Men and women have always longed to experience and be reunited with the immortal aspect of themselves.

For a long time this was accomplished by “getting out of the body”. All the religions of old, the spiritual practices had ways to eject you out of that old pile of dirty, smelly, sinful flesh. This was generally accomplished by a good dose of pain with maybe some boredom thrown in. In those times the bodies were prisons for the Spirit, man had forgotten the way back home. The only answer was to leave.

As we begin to regain our sensitivity to Spirit, our real job begins. It’s about taming the beast. Spiritualizing matter. This is what ascension really means. You ascend matter into a higher vibration. What is really involved in this process is starting to change the inertia of what your body has decided it wants. You (as Spirit) can give your body all the abundance and fun physical sensations it desires to experience, you just can’t let it control you (the Spirit). That is who you are (Spirit). The process is very discouraging to get started, like rolling a rock uphill. It’s about convincing the body to partake in the joys of the Spirit. Things like vision, truth, beauty, integrity, creating. As one walks that path, it becomes progressively easier. The inertia begins to change and one experiences the ultimate thrill, heaven on earth.

As Above….So Below

As Below….So Above

You are a Spirit that has created a physical form.

Every creator has a relationship with its creation.

Spirit is imprinted by the physical experience of its body.

To be able to grow and evolve, Soul, as Spirit descends into physical form.

Certain dynamics are only able to be played out in physical form.

It is in the experience of duality, or dichotomies that Spirit is able to define itself, to know itself.

Through the direction of you as Spirit, your physical experience is guided and directed, to the extent that you as a body listen and co-operate. Through the experiences you, the body chooses, the Spirit becomes.

Your only security is in your ability to create in present time.

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