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If the Body Cries

If the body cries, it is because the Soul suffers. The soul wants to flee, but it sinks back under the irradiation which reminds it of the living Light, Ionah, the Heavenly Substance. Sometimes, it feels as though it were dead. It remembers, as if in a dream, the immensity of the secret Light where it bathed naked in the radiant whirl, the ethereal valleys of a beloved star, without elemental atmosphere, without physical attraction, a world of essences, aromas, and perfumes of Life, where it could hear the harmonies and inner Melodies of the Temples and Space, of Beings and Things, where it soared, quivering, to the intimate voice of the beloved, to contemplate Shamaim, Ether, the azure sea of the sky, the islands, the sideral fleet, the movements of the animating Geniuses and Powers.


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