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Are you happy? What does that mean? What is happy? What “makes” you happy? Happiness a release of specific chemicals in the blood stream. What triggers a happiness release rather than one that creates other feelings, anger, sadness, anxiety…? Happiness is internal not subjective. Happiness is not determined by external material circumstance. A rich or poor person might either be happy or not, same as whether you are alone or together or beautiful or not. Happiness is not even about whether you get what you want.

Your choices as spirit create the chemical soup you live in and are the effect of. You, as spirit, are electromagnetic. Electromagnetic vibration triggers electro-chemical reactions, then the chemical reaction occurs which as a body you interpret as reality. Science has no answer to why you are happy, or any other feeling, their model starts at the chemicals that are released. But why? Metaphysics or spirituality explains it easily. You are Spirit and Spirit is real! Your spiritual choice and will create your reality and that is how.

So, the question is what makes you as a spirit happy? Spirit is happy when it can grow and change. When you grow and change you become yourself. You are an evolving story. When you are put in a box, defined or labeled, you “become something” then you stop “becoming yourself”.

When your energy field is moving and flowing, you are happy. You ground and release the old and bring in your own energy, information and truth in present time. Then you are taking your next step and are happy.

Happiness Meditation

Find your meditation space, just say Hello to your body, find your space. Bring your attention to the center of your head. Create a grounding cord. See a tube of energy from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. The top of the grounding cord fits snuggly into the rim of the energy center at the base of your spine, the bottom reaches to the center of the planet. Notice being grounded. Give your body permission to release energy that is not yours and anything you do not need in present time. Stay in the center of your head and notice what releases. If you do this every day you will start to become aware of the “box” that you think of yourself and your possibilities as. You will start to challenge those boundaries as you start to be your possibilities.

Notice a big gold sun above your head. That sun is the reservoir of you, your energy, your unique vibration, your information. Allow and invite the gold sun to start to fill you up with your own energy, with what is you. Just like the sun outside shining on you. Now you as spirit are in your space and can create in present time. As you release the old and create space for and bring in your next step, you are happy and create happiness in your body.

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