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Giving & Receiving with Planet Earth

Clairvoyant ability to see your truth in Present time Not to get confused with everyone/govt/corporations/marketers/morality pictures of what the planet needs or not

1st lets get grounded

What is giving / receiving? Look at rose for each Each is separate, when one has conditions then it is called a contract

Clean giving and receiving when you give clean (no conditions, you create a flow of energy which then the next step is to receive When you receive then you are ready to give

We need to give as much as receive, (sometimes when you receive your are giving by allowing another to give)

Clean out giving rose Clean out receiving rose

Bring relationship with Planet Earth into Present time

Create rose (bubble)collect up all old contracts, deals, pleas, taking for granted energy from lifetimes you have had on this planet. Blow up/ release

Affinity gage/clean out

Say hello to Planet in Present time

New grounding cord, open feet Chakras feel earth energy

What does the planet have to say/give to you?

What do you have to give/say to Planet?

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