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Explode Your Creativity

We all know what creativity is, when we have it and when the juices have dried up. But what is creativity actually? What is that special feeling when you are in alignment with your purpose and connected to the meaning of your life. And how do you walk through the door of apathy, boredom and routine into the golden sun of meaningfulness? By Being yourself! Other people’s baggage in your space, even well-meaning, puts boxes in front of the doorway to yourself. Only you can be you! When you are clear and in alignment with yourself inspiration and focus come pouring in. Creativity is the vision of the Soul formed by the matter of spirit, allowed through by the body.

Meditation Tips

What are you and what are you not? A very important question to ask yourself. How do you know after a lifetime of being told who and how you “should” be. Find your meditation space, a quiet space where you can be alone and comfortable. Ground and release, collect yourself up. Consider the center of your head and then be there, bring your attention to that space. How does it feel? Where does it feel like you have to be more perfect or try harder? Where does it feel like you are okay just the way you are? Where you feel you have to be different or more then you are is where there is someone else’s energy. Where you feel content with yourself is where your energy is. Just recognize the difference. Then you can begin to validate and own your unique vibration, and pull your energy out of where you are trying to be something or one you are not, that is where the effort is. Being you is creative and effortless and the doorway to miracles!

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