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Ever Wonder if You Are Psychic?

Ever wonder if you are psychic? Maybe you think it is a special gift that someone else has, but not you. Or maybe you think psychic is not something you need, you are just going to pursue becoming “more” spiritual.

Well, what is psychic? Actually psychic is a Greek word that translates as Soul Energy. So it is the energy of you, as soul. Energy is vibration, it is how you vibrate, the creative expression of you.

What is Soul? Well if you have a body ( I assume you do if you are reading this, but maybe not!), you have chosen to participate in the dichotomy of body and Soul.

Body is susceptible to becoming the things you think you believe or that serve you in this physical matrix. The function of Mind (part of body) is to rationalize what you have to put up with. Then you begin to forget what you actually are.

This is where psychic comes in. Reclaim your psychic abilities. We are all psychic, admit it or not. And then begin to remember who you really are, the unique vibration of you, as Soul.

Psychic acknowledges what is. It allows for responsibility and integration. In my experience, what is called spiritual sometimes becomes a competition game, resulting in judgement and destroying growth.

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