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Energy is Real

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

My life is special, most people I know who are pursuing their spiritual path have to do it on the weekends and evenings. Even if they are retired or do not need to work it is not “a job”. My spiritual path is also my job, I spend the day working with people, healing, reading and teaching. There is nothing to compare with the brutal honesty and responsibility that comes with what is “your work”. As I sit in the Healing center that is the Reno Psychic Institute, I never cease to be Amazed at what walks through the door! Through the door comes Souls in bodies in moments of crisis, in moments of miracles. They need a word, a space, a person that is there, is present to see who they really are, what is really happening to them. To often the world outside that door sees them as a role they play, a cog in the wheel of progress, something, not someone.

Energy is real. Miracles are real. You are not just a body. You are a living Soul. You create your lessons, your beauty, and your reality. I am blessed because I see this miracle everyday, yet in my everyday it comes and goes. Today it is my pleasure to share a few special moments with you.

Saying Goodbye to a Son

Years ago, I was doing readings at a Psychic Fair. A woman was walking through the readers, observing them. On her second trip around she stopped at my table and said, “I think you can help me.” She was in her forties with a career job, and was vaguely yet visibly upset. As I went into trance and looked at her energy, I saw a beautiful bird behind bars, trying to get free. I realized that the bird was her son whom she was keeping imprisoned by her desire to hold onto him. As I told her this she said that her twenty-year-old son had died in a car accident a year ago. She had been beside herself with grief since then. It was her son who had guided her to this reading and somehow I knew what to do. It seemed as though time stopped as I guided her along a journey of release and realization. The two of us were alone in the room. We were both aware and participating in this healing from somewhere. As we returned [to our bodies?] and I looked at her space the bird was flying free, released from prison and saying good-by to his mother from his previous body. As she walked away with her husband, I heard her say, “I think I’m going to be okay now.” Still in trance I looked above me, noticing a beautiful yellow jewel coming to me. It was the symbol of an energy gift. I realized that these are the kind of riches we take with us when we leave our bodies.

A Dolphin Story

I went to Key West. I looked up a swim-with-the-dolphins place that a friend had gone to a few years before. The dolphin she had swum with, Jessica, was still there. I went to the place and saw that it had become crowded and unclean, as houses had grown up around it. The dolphins there had a hard life, like many of us do when there is not enough room or clean resources. People swam five at a time, in deep pools the size of a small room. I made an appointment for the next day and spent some time watching the ones I would swim with. All night I dreamt about dolphins teaching me about how telepathy, or long-distance communication with thoughts instead of words, worked. While I meditated the next morning, Jessica came to me and said that she was not feeling good. She needed crab to eat. It would help her.

As I headed out to do my swim, I was excited and nervous. When I arrived, all of the others in my group had cancelled, leaving only Jessica, her three dolphin friends, one of whom was her young son, and I to swim together. I listened to the instructions and jumped in. After a few seconds of panic, I stared to swim. I was in their world now! They watched me and started circling around, cruising by. They seemed to feel sorry for me because I could not swim as well as they could. It was as though they thought I was disabled. I started to get into it and as I tried to connect on the dolphins’ terms, they responded! Jessica swam alongside me and at one point we made eye contact. The rest of the world disappeared. Only this deep connection of unrestricted love remained. I had so much fun and they liked it too. When I got out, the trainers were touched and thanked me for healing the dolphins. They said that it was usually stressful for the dolphins because the people who swam with them couldn’t relax. They were not into “psychic stuff” and the day before had not responded to any of my hints or questions of that nature. I asked if the dolphins ate crab and they replied that it was expensive and saved for special occasions. I told them that Jessica needed some. I felt our connection for months after that, as though we were communicating telepathically. I guess I had been a good student.

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