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Creating From Vision Rather Than Chaos

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Give Yourself Permission to Imagine


What happens to you when you read those words and consider doing it? Do you experience anxiety or feel as though maybe you have forgotten what that means. Or you might ask yourself “imagine what”

Imagination has generally been given a bad rap in the culture we find ourselves part of. “It’s just your imagination” implies you are just fooling around or beyond the practical and what is considered possible. Or maybe you are insane.

But what better, more interesting and fulfilling things and experiences don’t happen because you don’t imagine them? And what is the person you are not? That you could be, if you imagined yourself to be other than what you “think” of yourself as? You are either an active cause in the creation of yourself or the effect of the pictures of everyone else that you find yourself in the middle of.

Anything and everything that is or happens in your personal, relationship, social, cultural, political and spiritual universes was first a thought, a “picture”. A thought with an image. It was imagined. By you, or someone else. Do you walk through your day, your life, being created by and experiencing the effect of someone else’s pictures? Are you your father or mothers’ idea (conscious or unconscious) of who you would be, for better or worse. Did you become the idiot someone saw you as? Are you the robot that your job might limit you to? Do you feel fat, ugly, smelly or not macho or sexy because of pictures coming from TV?

This is very simple information but very profound. Even science finally knows (maybe not admits) what it is that guides and forms energy, it is you! The intent of consciousness. Consciousness-that’s you. Intent-that’s what you want or believe is real or what you believe you are or can have.

Consciously or unconsciously, either way, you are creating your reality. Aware means you know yourself and commit to what you actually want. Unconsciousness happens because what you intended to create made the people around you uncomfortable. And you got the message. “Be like us, limit yourself to what makes us comfortable or be different.” Different meant not being part of the group. That is a very basic survival need. Being different or making others uncomfortable was evaluated by you to be not a very good survival strategy. That is your body-mind speaking.

As a Being you are creative, you need to create to grow. That is survival for you as Spirit. Imagine your Soul’s vision and create it in your life.

This is a challenging dichotomy. Two opposite ends of a spectrum. Accepting the challenge is the answer. It’s that simple. The goal is to be a work in progress, not a perfect ending.

Communicate body to Being and Being to body. As in a relationship, no one is going to get their way all the time but also each has to get their way! The issue actually is being able to allow each of you to be what they are and have what they can create. As you communicate and be there for each other you grow to trust and know each other. You begin to give and receive with joy.

The Mechanics of Imagining

There are two things to do to reclaim your ability to imagine, to create your own pictures.

1. Actually imagine, this takes going there. Find the space, take the time. Give yourself permission. Allow yourself to wander in and out of what you might do or be. Don’t analyze, just experience those possible realities, what does it feel like? What do you like, what don’t you like? As you take this trip you will notice that as you approach what you like, the vision, the picture becomes sharp and bright. This is you, the Spirit getting enthusiastic because you are communicating, recognizing It. If the body starts to feel scared, have a talk with it. Let it know you intend to be there for it. That it is possible to create your physical survival in an atmosphere of fun, challenge and enthusiasm. If you don’t believe that, whose pictures are in your space? The fear, doubt and invalidation are other peoples’ pictures that you have accepted as your own. Tell your body that you will be there for it, to get it out of trouble if need be! It is FUN, not scary or a problem.

2. Accept that you have to have the courage to discover and Be (as in Being) what you are and wish to become. It takes courage to be the authority on you. To being the creator of your reality. To set the standard for those around you rather then be set by their standard.

I wish for you the awareness of self, the daily practice and the drawing to you of love and communication to make your journey to you filled with joy and success.

Meditation classes on reclaiming your ability to visualize are held regularly at the Reno Psychic Institute. Visit our Calendar page or call 775 324-2872 for more information.

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