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Creating Sacred Space

Updated: May 14, 2021

To meditate, to find your answers, to just see clearly your next step create a sacred space. A Sacred Space is an energy space and it is also a physical space. Spirit is where the action is but you also need to make it real for the body. This is what rituals, magic, going to church is about. Although you can enter into a meditative space anywhere and anytime when you designate a time and space your body begins to understand and align with your spiritual goals.

Choose a space in your house, a room or a corner, put a special chair, perfect for you, comfortable but not too comfortable or you’ll go to sleep! As you sit there begin to imagine a bubble around you in the chair. Ground the bubble by attaching a tube of energy from the bottom of the bubble to the center of the planet. Imagine anyone else’s energy or vibration in the room, in the bubble or in your space releasing down the tube and out into the center of the planet where it is transformed into neutral energy. Then begin to set the energy in the bubble so it is pleasing to you. You can imagine a beautiful color or just an energy, like peaceful or gentle or stimulating, whatever you like, that is what makes it work. Sit in that energy and let it validate you, soak it in. Now whenever you enter that space remember and create that energy. Pretty soon when you enter into the bubble it will bring you to that vibration. Now you are ready to meditate. And you can change the energy as you will, after all, you are changing!

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