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Explore Endless Possibilities: Rent Our Infinity Room at 20 Hillcrest Drive
A Sanctuary for Practitioners 

Before booking, please check availability by emailing us at

Room Features:
- Comfortable Furnishings: Two chairs and an optional massage table provide flexibility for different types of sessions, whether it's for readings, healings, or consultations.
- Private and Serene: As a private room within our crystal store, the Infinity Room offers a quiet retreat for you and your clients.
- Aesthetic Ambiance: Fully decorated with a soothing and inviting decor, the room creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and spiritual connection.
- Energetic Improvements: Hand-selected crystals are available within the room, each chosen for their unique properties to aid and enhance your practice.

Benefits of Renting the Infinity Room:
- Prime Location: Situated at the renowned Reno Psychic Institute, you'll be at the heart of a spiritual community.
- Flexibility: Rent the room as needed for your sessions. Contact us to book your dates and ensure availability.
- Promotional Support: To help you grow your practice, we offer promotion through our social media channels and email marketing, reaching a wide and engaged audience interested in spiritual and healing services.

How to Rent:
To secure the Infinity Room for your next session, please contact us to discuss availability and your specific needs. We are dedicated to supporting fellow practitioners and look forward to welcoming you into our space.



Please note that while we strive to accommodate all interested practitioners, we reserve the right to refuse rental of the Infinity Room at our discretion. This policy ensures the well-being and alignment of practices with the ethos of our space and community. We appreciate your understanding.

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