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CIC EnergyWork 1

This class is the door way to any additional classes or programs

Upcoming Sessions

  • 99 US dollars
  • Carson City Intuitive Center - 1800 E. William St. #202 - Upstairs


The EnergyWork class is a 6-week course that takes place every week, for 6 weeks, on the same day of the week you sign up for. Example: if you sign up for our Saturday class, the class will take place every week for 6 weeks on Saturday, at 12 pm. We also offer zoom links if you can’t make it in person anytime during the 6-week course, if you are interested in the fully remote class, check our zoom classes instead. About the course: The EnergyWork Class will teach you about psychic protection and how to separate your energy from those around you. The energy tools this class offers are used and integrated during the week as a step to the next tool. These exercises open a door to an alchemical transformation. Allowing You to reclaim your spiritual path. In Week 1, you will learn how to ground your space, how to bring in a Golden Sun to replenish your energy, how to give a Spirit-to-Spirit Hello, and you will learn about spiritual growth periods. In Week 2, you will learn about controlling your aura and how to be in the center of your head when doing energy work. In Week 3, you will learn how to go into a trance space by using a specific "running energy" technique. In Week 4, you will learn how to use a visualization of a rose to move energy, protect yourself, heal yourself, and do energy work with. In Week 5, you will be going deeper into how to use a rose to heal yourself and you will work on your ability to have and create what you want for yourself. And finally, in week 6, we will be pulling together and reviewing everything you learned, you will be working on creating mockups (spiritual manifestations) for yourself, and we will be talking about possible next steps on your spiritual journey. This class can be either on zoom or in person and it can be paid weekly, or in full, for the weekly payments, we are currently offering Paypal only as a payment method, if you would like to use a credit card, please contact us. For full payment, both options are available during checkout. If you opt for the weekly payment, the system will charge you from the day you sign up, and not from the day the class starts. The payments will stop after 6 occurrences (30$/week).  

Contact Details

(775) 324-2872

Located inside of Crystal Cove Store 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno, NV, USA

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