If you've taken Women's Healing I

​Turn on your psychic abilities and use them to look within and heal yourself! You will learn to ground and release others' energy from your space, recognize yourself as spirit, call back your essence, run your energy in your body, and begin to create your goals and dreams. You’ll become the cause rather than the effect in your life! ​

6 week course

Next class starting August 13th 

If you've taken Energy Work or Become a Healer Program

Healing II class

Expand on your abilities learned in Healing I

6 week course starting August 27th

If you've taken Healing I

Crystal Cove is an oasis of crystal magic in the center of Reno's historic MidTown district for an amazing and special selection of crystals, minerals, healing stones and one of a kind locally created jewelry by Art Peppard.

​​Crystal Cove - Gifts of the Earth
737 South Virginia St. ​775 360-6228


New Women's II Class Starts
Wednesday, August 14, 7pm-9pm

Expand on skills learned in Women's Energy I. 

Stop by one of our new Crystal Cove location to check out our selection of beautiful crystals and gifts of the spirit!

Heal the Spirit and The Spirit Heals the Body.

For questions on classes and finding the right next step for you, email the Institute at rpigold@gmail.com

Have you ever had an overwhelming sense of the energy around you- maybe a friend's energy or a loved one? At the Reno Psychic Institute, we teach the tools to help you understand your own energy and the energy of the people around you so that you can navigate through life with less pain and a greater sense of your own spiritual autonomy. 

Each class within the RPI curriculum is specifically designed to help you understand different aspects of yourself as a spiritual being. Our Institute teaches that by healing ourselves, we also heal those around us and by healing others, we heal ourselves. 

Interesting in learning more and seeing what your next step at the Institute might be? Stop by for a complementary healing from one of our trained healers at our healing clinic, every Tuesday from 5pm-7pm. Donations are accepted, but not required. 

Public Events

Reno Psychic Institute is located at 20 Hillcrest Drive in Reno, NV across from Tokyo Sushi. Click here to find out about our location in Carson City. 

The Reno Psychic Institute, was founded by Teacher, Healer and Clairvoyant,  Laura Peppard in 1997.  RPI has been teaching Meditation, Energy Healing and Clairvoyance in Reno ever since.  A true community resource for healing and spiritual information RPI is open to all regardless of religion, age, spiritual training.

 The Reno Psychic Institute holds that each of us is a unique soul with our own information, path and purpose and that spiritual freedom and communication is of upmost value.

To Schedule a personal reading with Laura, you can follow the link here or to see our list of graduates, you can follow the link here.

New Clairvoyant Program session

The Clairvoyant Program is a year-long program which provides a space for you to reclaim your spiritual abilities and your intuitive certainty.

During this one-year course, you will explore your space, clearing the programming and energy blocks that stand between you and your spiritual path, and you will learn, (or, "remember"), how to read auras. This gives you the ability to validate your own spiritual information

Do you have questions about your relationship or work space? Are you needing some insight in order to make a decision? Are you in transition and need support moving forward?

The Psychic fair is an awesome opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained reader to help clarify your space and give you new eyes to see your path as a spirit. Readings are $30 for 30 minutes. Walk ins or scheduling available.  

Contact RPI at (775)324-2872

Annual Church of Inner Light Rummage Sale

Saturday, August 3rd


You are invited to donate any unwanted items to support the church as well as an opportunity to declutter. Donations accepted until August 2nd. Contact the Intitute to schedule drop off. Tax donation receipts available.

Contact RPI at (775)324-2872

Here's what our students are saying about RPI...

"In the busy world we all live in, it is like a mini vacation to go to RPI.  The people there are very open to their spirituality and there is absolutely no pretense involved.  The classes will immediately improve your life."  

- Lujean Whitmore

"These programs work wonders over counseling!  I felt like an onion with layers being peeled off. I was able to release baggage from my past and even my skeptic daughter says, "Wow, Mom!"  Everyone who knows me can see the difference in me.  I have done 6 classes--it is amazing!"  

-  RPI Student​

"With the help of the teachers at RPI, I discovered how to find answers to all of the questions I was never able to be certain on. In a short period of time I began feeling confident and assured about my personal success!"

About the Institute

​​​​A Few of Our Upcoming Events and Classes

Psychic Fair Carson City


1800 Hwy 50E in the Tierra Plaza

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