Offsite -Star Party at the Markleville Airport from 3pm - 11pm. Gaze at the stars in one of the best sites without an light pollution. Telescope  Provided for viewing

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Join Us on August 20th      10am-4pm for a                       Past Life Reading Fair. 

Learn how these lives affect you in present times !!

What's Happening Now!

Psychic is a Greek word meaning “soul energy”. You are a Being as well as a body. You have the ability to be aware of and participate consciously in your “soul energy”.   RPI is a space to reconnect with your own information. Tools for spiritual exploration. A safe space to open up and master your spiritual abilities. Skills that lead you to your information.     

    Laura Peppard,   Founder and Director of Reno Psychic Institute

A safe place to explore your spiritual abilities since 1997