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Psychic is a Greek word meaning “soul energy”. You are a Being as well as a body. Who are you and what are you creating? You have the ability to be aware of and participate consciously in your “soul energy”.  This is the space that determines your physical experience. Maybe you are aware of a stream of information that is attempting to guide you through the maze of your “life”. Listen and co-create with this inner voice and your life has a sense of purpose and is an adventure.  RPI is a space to reconnect with your own information. Tools for spiritual exploration. A safe space to open up and master your spiritual abilities. Skills that lead you to your information.     

    Laura Peppard,   Founder and Director of Reno Psychic Institute

A safe place to explore your spiritual abilities since 1995 

Animal  Spirit Guide Readings and Pet Healings

 Saturday August 29th  10am - 4pm

Connect with your Animal Spirit guides and receive any messages they may have for you , connect with a past pet or bring in a beloved pet for a energetic healings     1/2 hour reading for $30.     Call (775) 324-2872  or email us  renopsychicinstitute@gmail.com to make an appointment now 

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