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3 Psychic EnergyWork Classes 
You are invited, open to all levels. 
First time? Join us. One evening each.
Wednesdays 7pm to 8:30pm $20ea $50 all 3

November 14, The workplace for a psychic 
November 21, Holidays as a psychic 
November 28, Your cell phone as a psychic

November 14, The workplace for a psychic 
Workplace competition & back stabbing, boredom or dead end stuff getting to you? Reset your work space energy so it validates you and maybe even is fun! 
November 21, Holidays as a psychic 
Each person's holidays are unique to them, whether surounded by family, creating your own experience or processing loss, lets work the energy space so you can have and enjoy it.  
November 28, Your cell phone as a psychic 
How does your cell phone effect your energy and psychic awareness?  Does it diminish your telepathic abilities, brainwash you, co-op your attention?  Learn to use the benefits of your phone without it using you! 

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"In the busy world we all live in, it is like a mini vacation to go to RPI.  The people there are very open to their spirituality and there is absolutely no pretense involved.  The classes will immediately improve your life."  

- Lujean Whitmore

"These programs work wonders over counseling!  I felt like an onion with layers being peeled off. I was able to release baggage from my past and even my skeptic daughter says, "Wow, Mom!"  Everyone who knows me can see the difference in me.  I have done 6 classes--it is amazing!"  

-  RPI Student​

"With the help of the teachers at RPI, I discovered how to find answers to all of the questions I was never able to be certain on. In a short period of time I began feeling confident and assured about my personal success!"


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Ascension energy  gave the Expo a special healing, shared by all.

Spiritual Wellness Expo and Conference

Twice a year for 20 years!

Come join us in celebrating your Spiritual nature with like minded people!

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