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The EnergyWork Class is a transformative 6-week course designed to empower you on your spiritual journey. Held weekly at 6:30 pm on the same weekday you choose during sign-up, the class covers essential energy tools that lead to profound self-discovery and growth. Course Highlights: - Week 1: Grounding techniques, energy replenishment, Spirit-to-Spirit communication, and understanding spiritual growth periods. - Week 2: Aura control and centeredness during energy work. - Week 3: Transitioning into a trance space through the "running energy" technique. - Week 4: Utilizing rose visualization for energy movement, protection, and self-healing. - Week 5: Deepening the understanding of the rose technique and focusing on manifestation. - Week 6: Comprehensive review, spiritual manifestation practices, and guidance on next steps in your spiritual journey. Course Logistics: - Duration: 6 weeks - Mode: Zoom - Time: Every week on the same weekday you choose at 6:30 pm - Zoom link: Provided via email on the day of the class (using the same email as during checkout) Payment Options: - Weekly: $33.33/week, Paypal only - Full payment: All major credit cards accepted Note: If you opt for weekly payments, the system will begin charging from the day of sign-up, not the first class day. The payments will automatically cease after 6 occurrences. Refund Policy: All payments for this course are non-refundable. However, missed classes can be made up in the next available session. Unlock your potential and take the next step in your spiritual journey by enrolling in the EnergyWork Class today.

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(775) 324-2872

Located inside of Crystal Cove Store 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno, NV, USA

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