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Zoom Clairvoyant Program

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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Online Session


The Clairvoyant Training Program is a one-year course consisting of two classes each week focused on developing your ability to use your clairvoyance and spiritual information to see yourself and your world with clarity. ☀️ You will learn how to use clairvoyance for self-healing, solving problems, and getting answers. As a clairvoyant, you can experience life from a clear, neutral perspective. This year of training teaches all of the techniques you need to tune into your clairvoyance and use it to get your answers. ​ ☀️ During this one-year course, you will explore your space, clear the programming and energy blocks that stand between you and your spiritual path, and you will learn & remember how to read auras and heal yourself. This gives you the ability to validate your own spiritual information. ☀️ Topics covered include: Mental-Image-Pictures, Akashic Records, Genetic Programming, Family and Religious Programming, Astral Body, Birth and Death, Conscious control of your Chakras and aura, past lives, and spirit guides. We invite you to attend the Open House for the Clairvoyant Program. It is held every three months and you can experience the energy space, to get all the details and have your questions answered. The cost of the Clairvoyant Program is $185 a month. We also encourage a commitment payment to start at 500 (if possible) leaving monthly payments of $143 a month. There is a $200 discount for payment in full of $2070. During this year's commitment, it is ok to take breaks as needed in your personal situation, we continue payments and you pick up and continue when starting again. The Healing I Class and the entire Clairvoyant Program are available at RPI’s Reno location, Carson location, and on Zoom. We look forward to seeing you! This can be paid monthly, or in full, for the monthly payment we are currently offering Paypal only as a payment method, if you would like to use a credit card, please contact us, and we will help you. For full payment, both options are available during checkout.

Contact Details

(775) 324-2872

Located inside of Crystal Cove Store 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno, NV, USA

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