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Events Schedule


Come check out the Workshops and Entertainment at the Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo.


All Workshops and Entertainment are free!


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Friday Expo Opening Events- Open To All


5:00-6:30PM — Complimentary Energy Healing Clinic

with Reno Psychic Institute
Receive an aura and Chakra healing.

Bring yourself into present time to experience the spiritual growth available at the Expo. Set energy for your personal growth over the coming weekend.  With Reverend Peggy Stuart.
Clear and center for a weekend of growth and fun

5-7pm — Wine Tasting, Book Signing, and Book Reading for Teens

Meet authors of Metaphysical books, chat and sip a glass of wine


It’s May, and the Lilacs are Blooming One foot on Earth and One in Heaven a Near Death Experience

...brings a journey into a beautiful light that would enhance the Spiritual gifts she was given at birth.

Uplifting Autobiography Body Mind Spirit, Death & Dying, Near Death Experience true stories Grief Loss, Angels, Spiritual Journey, True Crime, Murder Pain, Prophecy Healing.

Lots of little girls read Nancy Drew Mysteries and want to become her. Little did I know who and what I would become"

-Elaina Deva Proffitt


Desert Pearl 

The Desert Pearl: Psychic Views from Cosmic Ground brings together the collected writing of Laura Peppard, director of the Reno Psychic Institute. 


Laura generously shares stories and insights gathered from years of working and living as a clairvoyant, healer, and teacher. This book presents advanced metaphysical information in a clear and straightforward language. The instruction and wisdom of Laura's words are invaluable to experienced psychics and those who are beginning to explore this spiritual path.  

The Desert Pearl is excellent for those of us who are interested in accessing our own psychic information in a safe and grounded way.


“Transcendence Calling- The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment”

Monique Rebelle - an artist, author and spiritual teacher, born in Poland. She left her home country on her own as a teenager and lived in London, Paris and Amsterdam before coming to US. While living in Los Angeles, she suffered several months of depression and was ready to commit suicide when she experienced a miracle that completely changed her life from suicidal to deeply happy and fulfilled. 


In her book “Transcendence Calling- The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment” she describes the experience and its results. She presents a new understanding of subtle body, Chakras and Kundalini energy. 

Monique teaches the new system of multidimensional consciousness and assists others in establishing effective practices leading to a more fulfilling, beautiful and powerful existence.

trancendance calling book.JPG

Teenager Spiritual Time –Book Reading and Spiritual Growth Tips

“Sam and the Giant Tree: An Introduction to Meditation for Teens and Young Adults” hosted by Fabiola Baughman

Fabiola Baughman is a recent graduate of the clairvoyant program at the Reno Psychic Institute. She came from Lima, Peru over 20 years ago. She knew from an early age she had psychic abilities which she wasn't able to use freely. After finding the institute, she decided it was time to embrace her spiritual skills and share her personal experience with others. She is currently working on a young adult book which teaches teenagers spiritual tools on meditation. Illustrated with beautiful landscape photographs, this story reflects the experience that many children go through during their teenage years, such as, trying to figure out who they are and what their spiritual path is about.  The tools presented in this book are priceless and apply not only to teenagers, but to anyone who is working on figuring out their spiritual path.

7:00-8:00PM ​- World Dance Performance and Participation!

You are Invited to Join the Dance!
Sufi & Washoe - As part of our OPENING CIRCLE on Friday Night at the Expo and in supporting the theme of CONNECTIVENESS we will be celebrating with DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE, honoring all cultures, and faiths. 


Dahlahk Pahtahlngee
Mountain Eagle

Join us for a traditional dance, shared by Dahlahk Pahtahlngee (Mountain Eagle), and practiced since time immemorial by the Ancestors of this Land. The Washeshu (Washo tribe) called this the round dance, practiced in ceremony and celebration throughout the year. This time of year is particularly special for round dancing, to show gratitude at the time of the autumn pine nut gathering. To join in this ceremony is to show thanks for our abundance now, as well as next year's abundance.  We will sing songs, dance together holding hands, co-creating a healing orb of gratitude and love. No prior experience necessary.


Dahlahk’s bio: I am of the First Nations. Washeshu translates as "All the People."  This includes land, air, water, animal, human and those other untold entities.  In my life, I learned many things from “All the People,” Nature as my teacher. I witnessed and remembered the songs and stories of my Elders and Ancestors. My life has been shaped by both the hardship and beauty of my People. I returned into this life, after a long sleep from earth, protecting the medicine of my People. I bring you all a practice that many humans have forgotten.  This practice connects each and every one of us to the source of creation.  Our intentions are very great and powerful. We are given life in the image of the creator, which is full of love, respect, honor, courage and compassion, all of which can be added to the pool of intention.  Our intentions go into an electromagnetic wave, which surrounds the earth so that healing can begin. I have come to honor you, my Brothers & Sisters, by offering you a custom from the Washeshu, sharing myself in this way with each and every person who wishes to be a good caretaker, manager, and listener.

Live Music and Performance

Songwriter, Performing Artist, and Story Teller

As a Minstrel of Healing & Sacred Storyteller, Jim’s music is his way of touching gently the Heart longing for itself. He believes that the underlying truth within all Mythic cultures is contained in their music, dance & storytelling and that a return to these traditional values will help create a ‘New Mythology’ leading to the healing necessary to prepare mankind for the challenging times ahead. Inspiration for his presentations are inspired from many Ancient Wisdom cultures who infused their stories with an indwelling Spirit gleaned from direct experience. With Music in his Soul, Jim endeavors to touch the Heart of Humanity through Loving service. 


Michael Dilsizian - Sharing beautiful prayers with his magical voice and presence

Boy Soprano (age 12), singer of prayers and Arias in Latin German, English and Armenian.

Michael’s family recently moved to Reno because he was invited by the UNR Choir opera professor. He currently is also a member of the High Sierra Choir in Reno.

Michael will be performing at the Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo works by Bach, Vivaldi and Schubert on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. 


Weekend Expo Events- Open To All

Springtime Revive Yoga Series with Ginger

In honor of springtime, the whole series is focuses on the activities that take place in the spring – refresh, rebalance, rejuvenate and rejoicing. The audience for this class is for those who have practiced yoga on and off over the years, or maybe stepped away from our practice for a while, but are generally familiar with the basics of yoga, and are interested in “reviving” their practice. The first two classes of this series will be offered for free at the Spring Reno Psychic Fair at Old Town Mall. 

For all classes, a limited quantity of yoga supplies (yoga mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, etc.) are available to borrow so if you have your own, please bring them!

Class I / Refresh: Revisit Yoga Basics

Whether you are new to yoga, want to dust off your yoga mat or just want to revisit some of the basics, this class is for you. Join us on Saturday March 21, 2020 for this REFRESH yoga class. This is the first in a 4 part Springtime Revive Yoga series. This first class is low intensity and focuses on breath, alignment and some postures that will form the foundation of your yoga practice.   Dress comfortably in close you can move in.

Class II / Rebalance: Chakra Balancing Yoga

The goal of this class is to introduce the concept of chakra’s and guide the students through a class that will focus on engage and REBALANCE your chakras through asanas, pranayama and meditation. This class is medium intensity and will involve more movement than Class I. Join us on Sunday March 22, 2020 for the REBALANCE class.



Other Activities and Events

*Free Workshops * Spiritual Readers * Energy Healers * Medical Intuitives * Tarot
*Unique Jewelry * Sacred Art * Music * Entertainers * Spiritual Organizations
*Angel Communicators * Reiki and Massage * Crystals, Minerals, and Healing Stones
*Holistic and Alternative Well Being Products * ​Modalities, and Practitioners
*And so much more...

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