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Healing Package - Initial Consultation

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  • 30 minutes
  • Decided after booking


This Healing Package consists of a series of healings, psychic readings, and spiritual counseling to help you achieve your personal physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual goals for yourself. A Healing Package is a “package” of Spiritual healings designed to help you reach your healing goal. Here's how it works: You receive an initial consultation with an (advanced) spiritual counselor who will help define the healing goal to fit your situation/condition. You will then be scheduled to receive a series or “package” of energy/spiritual healings to move/guide you step by step toward your goal with the support of your healing team, on the physical and spiritual levels. The healing is done by healers trained at Reno Psychic Institute and the Church of Inner Light. Healings range from an Aura and chakra reading and healing to removing unwanted energy from your space to exploring the dynamics of an important relationship. Change energy on a cellular level, receive forgiveness from a Christ Force healing, and work with Trance Medium healing Beings and more. The package also includes consultations with your spiritual counselor. We created this package for the people in need of healing and insight from our best-trained teachers and healers! This package will help you find your own path and the answers you need to take your next step. Our healing package is fully customizable to your individual and unique needs. If you are looking for healing for yourself, a family healing, or business healing, this Healing Package is for you! The price differs based on your needs. Book Your Initial Consultation now to explore what this can assist you with and maybe change your life! Book Your Initial Consultation Now

Contact Details

(775) 324-2872

Located inside of Crystal Cove Store 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno, NV, USA

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