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Advanced Trancemedium Program

Be part of exploring what else goes on in the universe

Upcoming Sessions

  • 2,200 US dollars
  • 20 Hillcrest Drive - Reno Psychic Institute


The Trance Medium Program is about experiencing oneself as a spirit and our natural ability to move in and out of the body. By awakening and owning the spiritual body, you expand and deepen your consciousness in all facets of self, and further support living one’s truth in freedom. Part of this healing is having a Healing Being channel through the healer. Be part of exploring what else goes on in the universe, where you fit in, and what is going on in your space! With full awareness, we will explore expanded realms of consciousness, becoming more and more awake in the limitless, timeless, spaceless dimension of cosmic consciousness. We will learn to consciously step out of the physical, into the space of creation, bringing back the wisdom of the soul to create real and lasting growth. The Trance Medium Program is the bridge between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the physical. When we consciously own that bridge, move across it freely, and are fully awake and aware of both sides, we become more powerful creators, and life becomes exciting, dynamic and the fun game it is meant to be. Happiness and fulfillment are no longer a pursuit in the future, but a state of being to be experienced in the present. Pre-requisite: Completion of the Clairvoyant Program at the Reno Psychic Institute or a similar program elsewhere is required. You are invited to come by and experience an out-of-body healing/reading. The Trancemedium Healing Clinic is every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7:30 pm. This can be paid monthly, or in full, for the monthly payment we are currently offering Paypal only as payment method, if you would like to use a credit card, please contact us, and we will help you. For full payment, both options are available during check out.

Contact Details

  • 20 Hillcrest Drive, Reno, NV, USA

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