Womens Energy Retreat 

Sierraville Hot Springs

August 10, 11 & 12 


Feeling disconnected?  invalidated?

Maybe you forgot to turn on your female creative energy!

Explore your female creative energy, how it works and how to heal yourself with it. We live in a culture where the "how" to creating wealth, happiness, health, (you name it!) is projected from a male template.

As a Being in a female body, you create with female energy and it works too! Come experience what your female energy feels like. 

Women's Energy II -

Single Class $30  

​Women's Energy II 
Class Series Payment 


Join Us on the third Thursday of the Month for the Women's Energy Healing Clinic.

Get a female energy tune-up and/or work on specfic issues.

Drop-in 5-7pm
Donations accepted

“As both a student and a teacher of this curriculum, I truly recommend it to all spirits in a female body.
I look forward to enthusiastically creating with you soon!"

- Cheryl

Cheryl is a Graduate Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant and Healer at The Reno Psychic Institute

A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997​

Women's Energy I

Single class $30

Women's Energy I 
Class Series Payment 



New Women's I Class Starts 
Wednesday, June 26, 7pm-9pm
New Women's II Class Starts
Wednesday, August 14, 7pm-9pm

Women’s Energy I is a curriculum available at The Reno Psychic Institute…created for and taught by women

Have you ever pondered how you can ever bring your many projects and priorities to fruition?

In your already full life, how can you create successfully and with ease?

Fortunately, women’s bodies are blessed with a miraculous energy that is vital to bringing new life into the world. We instinctively utilize this powerful energy to create babies and we can practice using this energy in creating all aspects of our lives and with added ease!

 By not harnessing our powerful creative energy, it runs amok...
A spiritually safe and neutral environment to look at women’s issues and gain knowledge and experience of how energy runs in a female body.
Learn to understand female / male energy differences, and gain
awareness of yourself as a female

In this curriculum….

LEARN tools to creatively maneuver in our lives
SHARE what we notice within ourselves,
..and if you choose, 
ENJOY quietly exploring our inner world with guided meditation.

We will be looking at….


Do you have a closet full of clothes yet can’t find anything to wear?
Do you find yourself in resistance when needing to complete tasks?
Does performing daily tasks seem a drain on your energy?

 Learn about the unique energy that comes with a female body, how to manage this energy and use it to energize and heal the body.


Feeling overwhelmed by emotions?
Have you been programmed to believe emotions are bad?
Whose emotions are in your space?

Learn the 3 secrets to emotions and how to release others emotions from your space. Learn which area of the body holds your space of neutrality, enabling you to have clearer “sight” in any given situation. 


Do you have a sense of “knowing” things before they manifest in the physical world?
Do you experience “gut feelings”?
Do you know that the hands have intuitive abilities you can tune in to?

Learn greater awareness of your intuitive abilities and improve your certainty of your intuitive messages.


Do you find others problems to be a drain on your energy?
Do you feel as though you spend a lot of time trying to solve others problems for them?
Whose problems have you allowed into your space?

Learn how to identify and release others problems from your space. Learn how you can be helpful to others, if you choose, without draining your energy.


Can you clearly define your personal energy space?
Do you find yourself overwhelmed in crowds or around aggressive people?
Do you find you are the target of energy attacks from others?
Learn how to protect and define you personal energy space to reduce the amount of others energies you absorb. 

COME VALIDATE your Amazing Creative Abilities

COME LEARN to delight in your Magnificent Female Creative Energy; nurturing, supporting and energizing your inner world.

COME PRACTICE bringing your Dreams to Fruition in this reality.