We offer a Trance Medium Healing Clinic twice a month . Check our calendar for exact dates. More information is found on the Healing page.

The Trance Medium Program

RPI will be starting a new session on Saturday April 9th, 2016  from 10am to 1pm

Maybe it is time to embrace your trance medium ability?

Trance medium work is about becoming conscious of what has previously been unconscious.

The answers to some of these questions are what we explore every Thursday from 7pm -9pm at the Reno Psychic Institute. You are invited to come by and experience an out-of-body healing/reading (donation is $25).

Part of this healing is having a healing Being channel through the healer. Be part of exploring what else goes on in the universe! And where you fit in and what is going on in your space.

Have you completed the Clairvoyant Program at the Reno Psychic Institute or a similar program elsewhere? Are you ready to take an exciting, life changing next step? The Reno Psychic institute offers this Trance Medium Program. If you feel this might be for you, please call  775 324-2872 for the next starting date, and an interview. 

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