What is Trancemedium Healing?

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A trancemedium healing is an energetic heavy hitter.

Similar to shamanic soul retrieval, trancemedium healers have the ability to invite etherial entities into their body in order to access information outside of our physical selves.

It is basically an out-of-body healing.

The Healer will be channeling a healing being without a body that has a special agreement to work with you and assist you in taking your next step toward wellness.

Experiencing this energy connects you with the reality that you are an immortal Being. 

RPI hosts a trancemedium healing clinics twice monthly, as well as offering Trancemedium training for those qualified.


Every 2nd and 4th Thursday,

7:30 - 9pm.     

  Check our Calender for specific dates

A trance medium healing is an out-of-body style of healing.

The healer channels a healing guide that has a lot of information about how you as a being occupy your body. Receiving a trance medium healing helps clear unwanted spirits & energy affecting your ability to own and operate your body with your information

Healing takes about 20 minutes. 
Cost is $30.     

   Call (775) 324-2872 for more information.