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Alternative Learning


Meditation Tools

A DVD Class Series:


This DVD series introduces different energy tools on each DVD. They are designed to be listened to one each week and the tools presented are to be used and absorbed during the following week as a step to the next tool.

The information and exercises in this series opens a door to an alchemical transformation that allows you to reclaim your personal spiritual path and experience your information. You are a unique individual and the goal is to become not perfect or like someone else, but to become yourself.

Volume One: Being in your Body,

Grounding and Releasing and Recognizing Your Energy

Grounding is the base of the spiritual pyramid
Grounding locates you in time and space.
Then you, the Being can know
Where you, the body is
Grounding allows you to release what is not you.
Then you can know what is you.
Grounding gets the energy in your aura moving
so you can create in present time.
Grounding creates space so you can be in your body.

Volume Two: Finding Your Space

Did anyone ever tell you
That the space around you is also you?
Maybe you did not know this
so you did not take care of your space.
When someone else is in your space
you can only have what they can have.
Your space is the universe that you create in.
Your aura is your protection and a source of information.

Volume Three: Running Energy

Running Energy
You are the spark which is life that happens
when heaven and earth meet.
The earth is what you are made of
it is your mother.
The heavens, the cosmic
breaths the inspiration of creation, of becoming into you.
Why be as death when you have this time to be alive?
Running your energy brings you to life.

Volume Four: Making a Separation

Roses are an ancient metaphysical symbol
A tool for you to create and destroy energy.
Both are necessary
Destroy old programming,
destroy what is not in your space.
Then there is space to create from your truth in present time.
That is happiness -- space to create in present time.

Volume Five: Havingness! Let Yourself Have Your Hearts Desire

Let yourself have
Have your hearts desire
You do not have to be perfect
You do not have to be the favorite child
You do not have to jump through a hoop
You do not have to try harder or be better
It’s all just a gift From the Creator
Maybe when you deny the gifts you insult the Giver

Volume Six: Manifesting

Do you know what it is that you desire?
Do you let yourself dream of what pleases you?
It is not being selfish!
This is how we become ourselves.
By knowing what we wish to create.
To manifest you have to tell the universe what you want.
This is how it works.

The six DVD Set is $159.00