September  21, 22 & 23 
     Clairvoyant Program Retreat at Sierraville Hot Springs 

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A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997​

October 18th, 19th, & 20th                
Spiritual Wellness Expo & Conference at SureStay Best Western, Airport Plaza
​Explore the readers, healers, vendors and workshops at 

Experience the Expo!  Explore your Body, Mind, and Spirit.
The Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo will showcase products, services and resources to help you to grow towards wholeness and self understanding.

The Expo will also feature seminars, workshops, and speakers on a wide range of subjects including self healing, using your psychic and spiritual abilities, and a special Trance Medium Channeling event sponsored by Laura Peppard and the Reno Psychic Institute.

Crystals and minerals from around the world new inventory

Candles & Sage - Local jewelry 

MidTown- 737 South Virginia St.

​Hillcrest - Plumb & Virginia St.

 Star Party Saturday August 4
Location: Alpine County Airport

Come and picnic and at dark, see Saturn & Mars on huge telescope

Fall and Winter events 2018

 January 5 10am to 5pm

New Year's Psychic Reading Fair at RPI in Reno

Psychic Energy Checks on your havingness and next steps for 2020!

The Readers will be giving readings on your creating for the New Year, come find out what's on your path, what you are creating and what adjustments and clearing can make it a spectacular year!

We invite you to join us at these upcoming special events! 

Events for current or former RPI students

Saturday, July 27th 

Crystal Fair at Crystal cove MidTown:

See our new selection of beautiful and one-of-a-kind crystals that have come to the shop. Want to feel even more connected with your crystals? Our trained healers can help attune your new crystal to your body, helping it conduct energy and be most supportive for you in your path. 

   August 10,11 & 12 
   Women's Retreat at Sierraville Hot Springs 

   see Retreats Page

Check out our new shop in the heart of Midtown!

Saturday, 14th

Past Life Readings 11am-4pm

Are you curious how your past lives may be effecting you today? Would you like to receive information about those experiences in order to help you on your path in this life? Our past life readings can  help.

Call 775 324-2872 for an appointment or just drop on by