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What is an Aura Reading?

By Laura Peppard, founder and director of the Reno Psychic Institute 

                Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. Your aura is part of your subtle energy body which includes your chakras. Your chakras are the energetic counterparts of your organs and glands. An aura reading is a diagnostic and tune-up, maybe even major repair of your energy body. The physical proceeds from the energetic, so an aura reading is a direct and effective way to change yourself and your life. To become that which you sense is truly you.

               An aura reader uses her clairvoyant ability to see the conditions in your energy body. The energy center in the middle of one’s head, called the sixth chakra, near the pineal gland, is where we create and view mental images and energy. A trained aura reader will be able to see the different dynamics of your aura and energy centers. In a healthy vital person the aura and chakras flow and spin. This is old energy and mental images being released. This creates space for you the Being so you are able to create in present time. When part or parts of your aura is stuck, blocked, frozen or damaged you are diminished in your ability to express yourself through your body. We all feel these conditions in some way and recognize their release or healing.
                You the Being, the part of you that comes and goes from bodies, has as its nature to avoid pain. Foreign energy in your space is what pain is. In an aura reading the reader directs your attention to these stuck spots, when you see the stuck spot you have the choice to release the dynamic. This allows the energy to flow and you to continue to become you.
                 An example might be: someone looses someone close to them unexpectedly, the trauma experience and associated emotions are held by that person energetically. This memory serves as a reminder not to get hurt again. It is a protection and appropriate when needed. This stuck space can become an unconscious dynamic and makes it difficult for the person to have the experience of a close relationship again.
The aura reader will notice this stuck energy. First the reader will clear any similar energy in their own space so as to be able to be neutral and clear in their reading. This is how the reader is healing themselves. Then the reader will communicate what they see. This communication is verbal but is also through mental images, the language of spirit. You then become aware of the emotions form that original event even if it is decades later. The reader will keep you in present time and the emotions will be able to release and the memory will then become neutral information. And best of all, then you can get on with all the wonderful thing you would like to experience and create!

                The Reno Psychic Institute has a goal of spiritual autonomy and freedom for each soul. Psychic freedom encourages each person to find their unique and individual path to God within. There is no formula or morality or other person or being, however wise that has your answers. By having a place to rediscover and experience your abilities you can begin to truly "know yourself".

By spiritual abilities, we are referring to the things Jesus was aware of and lived, healing, performing "miracles" and seeing the truth from the lie, the awareness of spiritual energy and how it works.

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