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Clairvoyant Program Aura Readings

   Are you Clairvoyant?

Have you ever been aware there is more to life than meets the eye? Do you close your eyes and have rich vivid images or visions. Have you ever been told you have an overactive imagination or that you just imagined “it” and “it's” not real when you saw a dark cloud around a moody person or an angelic presence around a child?

Maybe you are clairvoyant.
What is clairvoyance? An ability of the 6th chakra (located in the center of your head) to see clearly: spirit, mental image pictures & energy

A Clairvoyant Program reading is part of the CP students training.  You will receive information from several students, a senior reader and a teacher as well as see how psychic abilities are developed. 

The reading takes approximately one and one half hour.  You will get information on the layers of your aura, how you are using your chakras, where you are on your path, past lives, spirit guides and more, as well as leave with a written record of the reading.  This reading is a great opportunity to receive the information and validation you need for your next step. 

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RPI Clairvoyant Program Aura Readings

Readings are made by appointment 

Mondays @ 12pm and 5pm 
ednesdays @ 5pm   
Saturdays @ 1pm in Reno, 

Saturdays @ 12:30pm in Carson City 

Cost is $30.