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Personal Healing Sessions with Laura

A one on one session to discuss and discover the origins of your individual needs. Her belief that an issue affects us on 3 levels-  Body, Mind and Spirit.
It is the spiritual component that many overlook or do not really see a connection to your problems.
This consultation defines concerns on  physical, emotional and spiritual issues. The Energy Reading finds energy causes and the original source for issues, with a healing on the above discovery. 
Finishing up with defining your own personal Wellness goals.


A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997​

Business Consulting

Get information, clearing and set energy in your business.
Readings on decisions, employees, suppliers and clients.

Individual Pricing / Please call

A psychic reading with Laura Peppard is about taking your next step.
Get to the causes of what ails you, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Untangle the knots in your energy system.

In her readings, Laura says Hello to you as Spirit and validates the light within you. Then, as you take your next step, you move into your truth and your ability to create your dreams.  

To schedule your appointment:  

one-hour reading with Laura, $200

one half hour reading, $100

All Sessions can be done in person or by phone.

Call 775 324-2872 or  email Laura- 


The Desert Pearl: Psychic Views From Cosmic Ground brings together the collected writing of esteemed spiritual teacher Laura Peppard, founder and director of the Reno Psychic Institute. 

Available online here