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One Hour Reading with JacQuaeline

​$200* (*limited time offer/normally $500)


20 min Session Reading with JacQuaeline


Meet Our Readers!

Master Psychic, Healer, Teacher, Success Coach, Tarot Reader & Reincarnation/Past Life Specialist. Get insights, focus & inspiration. Move along your life path with confidence, more energy, creativity and better quality relationships.

JacQuaeline is a Professional Psychic/Intuitive & Master Healer who bridges the gap between practical Spirituality, Evolution: Soul Growth & the practical world of business & daily life.

Rev. JacQuaeline has been teaching, forecasting, coaching & healing people and businesses full time since 1982. Her radio talkshow, “Magical Moments” and "Visionaries in Business” were broadcast on KFOX 93.5fm and KYPA 90.7 Los Angeles for a span of eight years. She’s also a published artist, musician, composer and has lead bimonthly meditations since 2007.

New to Reno, she is teaching "Tarot for Personal Transformation & Professional Use" with new classes forming for mid January/Feb. 2019. Check the store calendar for additional courses which she will be offering here.

For limited time JacQuaeline will be available for in person readings at the Mystic Rose for less than half her normal fees as an introduction to her work in her new home base in Reno, NV.  

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call 775 324-AURA

or email rpi@renopsychicinstitute.com

Hello, my name is Cristina Ferris, I am a certified Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Healer.

I love to help others heal through the use of my Clairvoyant skills. My goal is to help your soul clear the way for joy and success in your life. To discover and remove past life imprints (unhealed wounds, old vows) that cause disease throughout your body, mind and spirit in present time. Communicating with deceased beings and helping them give information to loved ones is one of my favorite abilities. Everyone in the reading space receives a healing and grows on a deeper spiritual level.

Although I was born with intrinsic psychic abilities, the Reno Psychic Institute has taught me how to protect myself from unwanted energies so that I can ‘see’ with even more clarity.

My Psychic Education:
Clairvoyant Program Graduate, Meditation Tools, Trance Medium Program I & II, Healing Levels I, II  &III,  Women's Energy, Teacher's Training: Meditation Tools for Psychic Children

Good communication and mutual respect will allow us to create a supportive space and efficient use of time.​

The Reno Psychic Institute offers the opportunity to get an aura reading from one of our Clairvoyant Program graduates throughout the week! 

Walk-ins are welcome, though we do encourage making an appointment to ensure availability.
Readers are available most days Monday through Saturday 11:00am to 3:00pm

Readers are also available for parties and special events from private group classes to business reading, training and energywork.

Call us at (775) 324-2872 to make an appointment.

Graduate Readers Schedules:


 JacQuaeline     Wednesdays.....12-4

​ Chriselle           Thursday................11-3
 Christina              Fridays..............12-4:30
 Cheryl                 S     Saturdays ...............12-4



​Available Wednesdays 1-4

Reading Costs:

1/2 Hour Reading With a Graduate


Full Hour Reading With a Graduate



A Kind Spirit to Spirit Hello!

My name is Cheryl Flagg, and I'm a graduate of the Reno Psychic Institute Clairvoyant and Teacher's Programs.

My education at RPI has provided me with the ability to communicate spirit to spirit, and the spiritual tools that enable me to see (clairvoyant), hear (clairaudient), and feel (clairsentient) energies in an individual's subtle energy body (the aura and chakras). My narrow and broad band telepathic abilities allow me to communicate with my clients,  those things that I see, hear and feel during readings and healings.

I have been working professionally as a psychic since 2013, and truly enjoy providing special and unique reading and healing experiences to my valued clients. For your convenience, I am able to provide readings and healings either in person or long distance.

In a reading, I work from a meditative state to communicate with clients on a spirit to spirit level. In a safe and friendly psychic energy space, I provide…

To learn more about Cheryl and book a reading, you can find her page here.


​Available Saturdays 12-4 

Mondays .......11-3


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call 775 324-AURA

We’re just finishing up a Tarot for Personal Transformation & Professional Use and to help our almost graduated students hone and refine their skills, here’s an offer we hope you will take. 

In January 2019 on Wednesday afternoons 12:15 - 1pm (walk in or by appointment) 
(appointment suggested) you can have a mini-tarot reading by one of our 
almost gratuate Tarot Class Students AND it will be supervised by our Tarot Instructor JacQuaeline (Her regular readings are normally $500) so, ‘such a deal’,  

You will help our students by having a reading and allowing them to practice on you while JacQuaeline follows along and gives final input.   

In exchange she asks for an ‘HONEST” testimonial as part of the payment. 
So, how much will it cost?  minimum donation is $20. 
Have a specific question or area of focus ready to ask, or ask for a general read. 

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Reno Psychic Institute Graduate


One Hour Reading with CRISTINA



​Available Fridays 12-5

(own pricing)


1/2 Hour Reading with CRISTINA