One Hour Reading with a graduate $80

A reading with Cheryl offers you an opportunity to receive a spirit to spirit “Hello”, along with information about the energies affecting areas of your life.  Areas such as - 

Relationships of All Kinds
Finances and Career
Affinity for Self
Present Time Personal Growth
Where You are in Relation to the Path You’ve Chosen for This Lifetime
Past Life Information that You as a Spirit are Presently Reviewing 

In a spiritually safe and neutral environment, Cheryl provides ½ and 1 hour readings exploring the energies in your Aura and Chakras that are affecting those life events and situations where you are looking for information.  She will then follow up the reading with suggestions on how you can receive assistance in healing those areas where you would like to influence change.

Get started today in your efforts to be the cause rather than the consequence of your life!

Cheryl is a Graduate Clairvoyant, Spiritual Teacher and Healer at the Reno Psychic Institute

Fabiola  is a bilingual intuitive counselor and healer who can perform readings in both, English and Spanish.  You can expect from her readings neutral and balanced information and about:

Love relationships
Personal development
Other aspects of your life

Fabiola is direct and honest in her communication and will provide you with the information you need to take your next step. She will help you target and untangle energy blocks that stop you from reaching your true potential.

Schedule a Reading with a Reno Psychic Institute Graduate


​​​(775) 324-2872

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1/2 Hour Reading with a graduate $45


Cael is a clairvoyant, healer, and spiritual teacher at the Reno Psychic Institute where he offers readings and healings on Fridays and Wednesdays.  He offers Spanish crossover communication as well.

A reading with Cael provides a safe, grounded, and neutral environment to receive direct communication about what energies or entities are currently affecting your personal space and why.  This offers a time-efficient and fun opportunity to sift through murky situations and obtain clarity, certainty, and answers.

After interactive energy work with Cael, you may leave with more empowering information and less foreign energy and emotional baggage so that you can have the space in your life to create and attract that which you desire.

The Reno Psychic Institute offers the opportunity to get an aura reading throughout the week.

Our graduate readers are currently available Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Walk-ins are welcome, though we do encourage making an appointment to ensure availability.

Call us at (775) 324-2872

Cost for the Readings are:

1/2 Hour Reading - $45

One Hour Reading - $80

Regular Schedule for our readers is - 

Cael - Wednesdays (12PM-4PM)

Cael - Fridays (1PM-5PM)

Alex / Tom - Saturdays (available 11AM - 4PM)

Fabiola - by appointment

If scheduling your appointment online, please specify which reader and day for your reading and leave a contact number to confirm the appointment. Thank you.