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"I highly recommend the programs offered at the Reno Psychic Institute.  I found the Clairvoyant program offered such a terrific opportunity for me to gain the skills of designing my own future with a full understanding of what my life has been about up until now.  The program and teaching support that you receive from the Founder Laura Preppard,  and Director Rev. Peggy Stuart work as a team to benefit and  elevate your ability to maximize your highest potential.   I gained a much greater respect for myself, my gifts, and understanding of how I react in the world." 
Jodie Andersen, Entrepreneur

"I have been receiving aura/chakra readings and healings from Laura for the past five years.  Throughout the course of these five years it has naturally followed that I have become her student and begun to reclaim my clairvoyant ability.  I owe an incredible amount of growth and increasing happiness in my life to Laura and her techniques.  I am very eager to be able to do what she does as a clairvoyant and healer.  The Clairvoyancy Program will be the key.  I know the clarity and progress you will gain from this program will enhance your life on all levels.  Hold on to your seats"! Blessings, Tara 

Extended Learning Programs

Our Extended Learning Programs range from 9 months for Hands on Healing and unlimited learning and growth through the Transmedium Program. 

Here is a list of our current programs:

Clairvoyant Program

Trancemedium Program

Hands on Healing Program

Teachers Program