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Meditation Tools II

6 Week Class Series

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A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997​

EnergyWork Class:

Energy is Real and You Can Work It!

Starting Tuesday July 7, 7:00-9:00pm &

August 13, 7:00-9:00pm

Saturday Mornings  10:30am-11:30 
​starting June 15

Saturday Mornings 12:30
Carson City - ​
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Turn on your psychic abilities and use them to look within and heal yourself! You will learn to ground and release others' energy from your space, recognize yourself as spirit, call back your essence, run your energy in your body, and begin to create your goals and dreams. You’ll become the cause rather than the effect in your life! 

Energy is Real and You Can work It!

Energy Work - 6 Class Series Payment - $125 (a $25 savings)

The Reno Psychic Institute, founded by Laura Peppard, has been teaching spiritual tools and providing a "safe space to be psychic" since  1986.

Besides the Meditation Tools Class, which is the gateway to all the other training, RPI offers Mens & Womens classes, Healing Classes, other special advanced classes such as Kundalini and Astral Body.  RPI also has year long Clairvoyant and Trancemedium Programs.

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  “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.”

― William James 

Meditation Brings You, Body & Spirit into Present Time!

New to meditation or a current practicioner, this class offers valuable information to experience yourself and the world around you in a new and profound way. 

This six week class is designed to teach you seven simple energy tools for grounding, focusing, clearing, replenishing and protecting your space.

People who've taken the class report the new awareness of their own space benefits them greatly in navigating daily life including health, family, work and social activities as well as their intuitive abilities.