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Gifts of the Earth

Your complete metaphysical store at 737 S. Virginia st. in Reno, Nevada, and online on Etsy.  

We offer a wide selection of crystal and mineral specimens from all over the world, One of a kind, hand-crafted jewelry and art, as well as incense, candles, Color and aroma therapy items, and more!

We invite you to browse through our etsy page, or visit the shop and meet our friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff!

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Reno Spring Spiritual Wellness  Expo

Saturday March 18th &  Sunday March 19th

at Best Western Airport Plaza on Terminal Way

Come to the Spring 2017 Reno Spiritual Wellness Expo and celebrate all the wonderful healing information exploding onto the planet in 2017 As we spiritualize the physical with the down-pouring of spiritual energy and vibrations our bodies have to be able to channel the higher frequencies.

Be a Body of Light!

Investigate New Science, Ancient Wisdom, and Alternative Health. Learn about Tarot, Palmistry, Angels and Spirit Guides. Get a Psychic Reading, a Spiritual Healing, or a Reiki Massage. Buy books, music, crystals, jewelry, incense, or Goddess wear.

Workshops all day, both days!

How I Healed

The Path to Healing

● Amazing, simple & inexpensive ways to get and stay well

● How the planet provides what you need  from ancient sources  

● How the mind creates wellness  

● The spiritual side of healing 

 The Spring 2017 Spiritual Wellness Expoand Conference will be held at the Best Western Airport Plaza Inn in Reno, NV.

1981 Terminal Way, Reno, NV

Saturday, March 18th  from 10am to 7pm

Sunday March 19th  from 10am to 5pm