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A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997

As a graduate of several of the healing classes offered at the Reno Psychic Institute I have elevated peace not only my life, but in the lives of my family members, and friends. It is quite rewarding to hear the comments from my business colleagues, and friends stating how they recognize how much personal growth I have achieved in such a relatively short period of time.  ~

Jodie Andersen, Healer

Hands On Healing Clinic  

Clinic held 1st and 3rd Saturday at RPI in Reno, 10:30pm-12pm       Check our Calender for specific dates

 Cost: $25

Please include phone number so we can confirm schedule time and day of healing when using paypal, thanks

FREE  ​Men's Energy Healing Clinic

The 2nd THURSDAY every month, 6-7pm.       Check our Calender for specific dates

Cost: Free (Donations are accepted)

FREE  Women's Energy Healing Clinic  

Clinic held every 3rd Thursday at RPI in Reno, 5:30pm-7pm       Check our Calender for specific dates

 Come receive a healing on your female energy space; clear grief, competition energy, and ground your female creative energy. Feel lighter and receive validation of your female energy and space.

Cost: Free (Donations are accepted)


Every 2nd and 4th Thursday, 7:30 - 9pm.       Check our Calender for specific dates

A trancemedium healing is an out-of-body healing.

The Healer will be channeling a healing being without a body that has a special agreement to work with you to assist you to take your next step to your wellness

Experiencing this energy connects you with the reality that you are an immortal Being. A trancemedium healing heals the energy that is stuck between you, body and Being. Healing takes about 20 minutes. 
Cost is $25.        Call (775) 324-2872 for more information.

You can now pay online!

Energy Healing

Clinics at RPI


Every Tuesday 5-7pm

Heal the Spirit and the body can begin to heal itself. When you receive an energy healing you receive communication about what you are working on as a Being. Release foreign energy from your space and you as a Being come is able to come more into your body.  

Clinic held every Tuesday at RPI in Reno, 5pm-7pm. Cost: FREE (donations are accepted).