Healing II Class
Next Class Starts:  January 24th , 7-9pm

This is a 6 week class series and Healing I is the prerequisite

Healing II - 6 Class Series Payment - $180 

Healing III 8 Weeks Class Series Payment -$210 (a $30 savings)

Healing II One Class Payment - $30

Healing III Class
Next Class Starts:  TBA, Wednesday,  7-9pm

This is a 8 week class series and Healing II is the prerequisite

Healing I Class

​​Next Class Starts: Saturday, March 3rd, 2018, 1-3pm, in Reno @ RPI


​​(Prerequisite is Meditation Tools I)

A space to experience and explore your healing abilities.  Turn on your healing energy and use it to heal yourself while healing others.  Learn how to use your healing ability consciously rather than unconsciously.  Work with your own healing companion, your healing master, to change energy in yours and others' spaces.  This new relationship will also help you to start "working the energy" with other spirits and guides in your space.

​                                                     Healing I One Class Payment -  $30

Healing III One Class Payment - $30

Healing I - 6 Class Series Payment - $180 

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Come in and attend our FREE Healing Clinic. This is a great way to experience what we teach in the classes.