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Healing Clinic.

This is a great way to increase your general well-being and work on specific issues.

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Energy Healing Clinics:



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What is Spiritual Healing?
Sometimes the body becomes dis-eased when communication with the spiritual part of you has been compromised. Communication with the body is broken when you the spirit get stuck in pictures about past time, future time, people, events, & situations.

A spiritual healing changes the energy and gets you back into present time communication with your body. Heal the Spirit, Spirit heals the body.

 A space to experience and explore your healing abilities.  Turn on your healing energy and use it to heal yourself while healing others.  Learn how to use your healing ability consciously rather than unconsciously.  Work with your own healing companion, your healing master, to change energy in yours and others' spaces.  This new relationship will also help you to start "working the energy" with other spirits and guides in your space.               

Healing III Class
Next Class TBA

This is a 8 week class series and Healing II is the prerequisite

Healing II One Class Payment - $30

Healing III 8 Weeks Class Series Payment -$240 

A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997​

All healing at the Reno Psychic Institute is spiritual healing: Heal the Spirit - Spirit heals the body. In Healing I, you take the awareness you gained in Meditation Tools into the world of healing. 

Healing, as defined by RPI, is the ability to change energy. 

Learn how to use your unique healing ability and work with a Healing Master to heal yourself and others.  

Healing I Class      April 30
 Tuesday at 7pm

​This is a 6 week class series and Med Tools is the prerequisite

​ Healing I -One class payment -$30

​Healing I - 6 Class Series Payment - $180 

Healing II Class
Next Class TBA

This is a 6 week class series and Healing I is the prerequisite

Become a Healer Class

​​Next Class Starts: June 11, Tuesday at 7:00pm

Please call to reserve your space as this is for limited amount of students each session.  775 324-2872

                    An RPI 10 week Healing and Meditation Program to help you know and use your spiritual healing abilities to heal yourself and others. 

Meets on Tuesdays 7:00 to 9:00pm starting February 5, cost is $300

This is an accredited program by RPI and the Church of Inner Light and you will receive a certificate upon completion. You will also receive a complimentary aura reading and hands-on-healing.

Become a Healer is a ten-week Program designed by the Reno Psychic Institute to teach you, the Being, to use your unique healing abilities in your body.  Unleash your inner healer! Learn the dynamics of energy healing and the meditation tools needed to be an effective healer.

In this Program you will experience the energy basics of how to change energy, heal others and heal yourself!  This is psychic learning not analytical programming, a whole new way of experiencing yourself and your own inner information!  Come and access a part of you that you always knew was there but maybe did not know how to connect with consciously.

You learn to work with a healing guide called a Healing Master that has a lot of information about how energy works in the body to heal yourself & other people. The guides called Healing Masters clear energy blocks (like stress, problems, emotions of others etc.) from your aura so your energy can move freely around & in your body. Like a stream of fresh mountain water, when your energy is moving it's clear and doesn’t stagnate and you feel good.



Healing III One Class Payment - $30

Healing II - 6 Class Series Payment - $180