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Spiritual Touch-

the laying on of hands, or charismatic healing as it has 

been called, has a rich history in many of the world’s 

cultures and religions. 

 It comes naturally - the ability to heal through touch.
To heal by touch is to recognize and validate the 

experience of both the physical and the spiritual body.

Hands-on Healers bridge the space between the physical

and spiritual bodies and to clear the body-being communication.

At RPI, we host a drop-in, Hands-on Healing Clinic

every first and third Saturday at 10:30am  Cost: $30

Call 775 324-2872 to schedule.

Hands On Healing Saturday Clinics 

Clinics are held on the  1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at RPI in Reno from 10:30am to 12:30pm  Check our Calendar for specific dates.

Spiritual Touch--the laying on of hands, or charismatic healing as it has been called, has a rich history in many of the world’s cultures and religions.  It comes naturally to many people -- the ability to heal through touch.
To heal by touch is to recognize and validate the experience of both the physical body and the spiritual body. The healers bridge the space between the physical and spiritual bodies and to clear the body-being communication.

 Cost: $30

Hands-On Healing