Energy Healing 

FREE Women's Energy Healing Clinic  

Clinic held every 3rd Thursday


    Check our Calender for specific dates

 Come receive a healing on your female

energy space; clear grief, competition

energy, and ground your female

creative energy. Feel lighter and receive

validation of your female energy and


Cost: FREE (Donations are accepted)​

Heal the Spirit,

And the Spirit heals the body.

Sometimes the body becomes "dis-eased" when communication with your spiritual aspect has been compromised.  

Communication with the body is broken when you, as a spirit, get stuck in the energy of past or future-time people, events, & situations.  

Energy healing changes that dynamic and gets you back into "present-time" communication with your body.  When you heal the spirit, the spirit heals the body. 

Get in touch with your spiritual nature!

-Weekly FREE Energy Healing Clinics

-Monthly Specialty Energy Healing Clinics

(for Mens and Womens Energy Healing)

as well as offering

-Healing Classes for both beginning and intermediate Healers!

You are Invited!
Come to the 
Trance -Medium Healing Clinic. 
Held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month . 

Hello! How do we heal? Explore the magic and science of changing energy.  
The Reno Psychic Institute offers paths to explore your unique healing abilities. 
A space to change yourself, to reclaim your abilities.

FREE  β€‹Men's Energy Healing Clinic

Clinic held every  2nd Thursday 


 Check our Calender for specific dates

Come in and receive a healing to help 

you connect with your authentic male 

energy. Learn to step away from 

competitive energy, as well as relieve

 your concerns regarding expectation 

and failure.

Cost: FREE (Donations are accepted)

A safe place to explore your psychic abilities since 1997​


 Every Tuesday 5-7pm

 Heal the Spirit and the body can begin to heal itself. When you receive an energy healing you receive communication about what you are working on as a Being. Release foreign energy from your space and you as a Being come is able to come more into your body.  

 Clinic held every Tuesday at RPI in Reno, 5pm-7pm. 

Cost: donations based