The Crystal Cove

​in MidTown

​​​New Classes starting in January 2019

 Soul Art Painting

open to anyone no need to be an artist!
Just let you Soul flow in this creative and renewing class led by Kierstan 

  Beginner's Wire Wrapping 

Learn 2 styles of wire wrapping and create beautiful, one-of-a-kind crystal pendants!

All materials included!

Cost: $25

             Crystal Crafts          

                   Each week we will be getting together and expressing

our creativity with crystals!

THEME:  Magic Wands

All materials included!

Cost: $25


   You and Your Yoni:

​Promoting Female Health with Crystals    

  We will be discussing which crystals specifically connect

with and enhance feminine energies,

as well as a special feature on Yoni Eggs! 

Cost: $25

   Crystal Grids     

Learn what crystal grid work is all about

and how to utilize them to

direct energy and manifest your goals!
Cost: $25

Gifts of the Earth

737 S. Virginia St.       (775) 360-6228