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New Classes Start in Carson:

Saturday ​10:00am-12:00pm
New Session Clairvoyant Program
pre-req Meditation Tools or equivilant training 

During this one-year course, you will explore your space, clearing the programming and energy blocks that stand between you and your spiritual path, and you will learn, (or, "remember"), how to read auras. This gives you the ability to validate your own spiritual information.

In the energy of validation and non-competition called "psychic kindergarten", you begin to reclaim your certainty. As you become conscious of your own information, you regain the key to your ability to create; you become cause rather than effect in your life.

Topics include: Mental-Image-Pictures, Akashic Records, Genetic Programming, Family and Religious Programming, Astral Body, Birth and Death, Conscious control of your chakras and aura, past lives and spirit guides.

​​Saturday, early May, ​10:00am-12:00pm
Meditation Tools, $125.00
This six week class is designed to teach you energy tools for grounding, focusing, clearing, replenishing and protecting your space.  People who have taken the class report the new awareness of their space benefits them greatly.  The benefits include navigating daily life including health, family, work & social life as well as their intuitive abilities. 

each 6 weeks & include an aura reading       

RPI Carson City Saturday Schedule

Trancemedium Healing Workshop    
every 1st Saturday
12:30 pm - 2pm  $10  

Womens Energy Healings
every 3rd Saturday

​12:30 pm - 2pm  $10  

Drop-in Healing Clinic
every 2nd & 4th Saturdays 12:30 - 2pm​       

every Saturday
Aura Readings
12:30pm-2:00pm  Cost $30
call 775 324-2872 to schedule

Clairvoyant Program   
every Saturday                                 

All healing at the Reno Psychic Institute is spiritual healing: Heal the Spirit - Spirit heals the body. In Healing you take your awareness into the world of healing.  Healing, as defined by RPI, is the ability to change energy.  Learn how to use your unique healing ability and work with a Healing Master to heal yourself and others. 

Our Carson City location also offers Clairvoyant Program!

You don't have to drive all the way to Reno to explore your abilities!

Our Carson Center is located at 1800 E. Williams St. #207 in the Tierra Plaza

The building is at corner of Hwy 50 & Rand St. which is right off the freeway.

Reno Psychic Institute

Carson City Location